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Friday, March 1, 2013

Lessons from the Lunchlady: your pajamas are kind of scarin' me.

It's read across America week and that means that just about every elementary school in the United States is doing something a little bit on the wacky side of things in an attempt to get children excited about reading.

We wore pajamas, we put on our Dr. Seuss and we got a little wacky. Honestly the week felt like it lasted 12 days.

Here's what I learned.

May the forks be with you. That's what my shirt said and a sweet little first grade busted up laughing explaining to me why it was soo funny. How cute are first graders?

No one takes you seriously when you wear a blue Holly Hobby bonnet. Our students couldn't believe that their beloved custodian Mr. G had on "baby's hat" on hat day. In their defense, he did look quite ridiculous.

Pajamas scare my principal. At least that's what I told the LIU preschool class when they asked why she wasn't dressed for bed. "Pajamas scare her. We should walk by quietly. Maybe she won't notice we're wearing them."

Puke-a-palooza has returned. Kids were dropping rapidly this week from the fever with a side of vomit virus. I'm hoping the big snow storm that is heading our way next week might kill some of these germs. Of course, keeping our hands to ourselves might also help. Kids touch each other...ALOT.

National school breakfast week. In case you didn't know there is actually a week of the year where we celebrate, of all things, school breakfast. More than 12 million kids will participate in the school breakfast program. I'm hoping to see some new faces next week where we'll be handing out yummy food and daily prizes. We're also letting those kids participating enter into a drawing for a Dr. Seuss prize package,

The kids were excited so I'm hoping they'll be allowed to come.

What did you learn this week? Will your school be doing something special for NSBW?

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Kristie Maynard said...

Sounds like some fun things going on at school these days. I'm out of that loop totally these days. Speaking of school breakfast, here is something I learned, not this week, but that's okay. I learned from my little great niece, who is a kindergartener that every kid gets free food at her school. My niece explained that every kid in the Buffalo City school district gets free breakfast and lunch. There are so many kids that qualify for free or reduced lunch that they just give it to them all. I guess that of the ones that didn't qualify, most of them would have if they had applied, but many of them have parents who either just don't care about applying or can't read and write well enough to do so. Is that too sad or what? At least the school distric is doing something to be sure these kids have something to eat.

Kristie Maynard said...

Hey Girl!!!! I didn't know how else to contact you, but wanted to be sure you saw that you won some FlexMarkers on Enfys' blog Going Buggy. I don't know how often you check in there, but I just saw it! Congrats!

kisatrtle said...

Thanks Kristie! I had no idea

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