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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lessons from the Lunchlady: I wallowed my toof

This week was a sprinkle of snot and vomit wrapped around a pesky little flu virus. My middle daughter is down and out with the flu virus. Sickest I've seen her in a long while ;-(

Here's what I learned:

No matter how you slice it, kids are all alike. While having lunch this week, I listened to a coworker complain about how humorous her kids find flatulence all while slicing her orange as daintily as possible. Clearly, farting is funny. No matter how you slice it.

I wallowed my toof. A kindergartner was crying at breakfast. That pancake and sausage did the trick with his loose tooth. Of course, he wasn't expecting it and promptly swallowed it.

Breakfast and blood. A kindergartner came through the line at breakfast with a bloody gash over his eye. Me: "do you know your bleeding?" Him: "Yep... (Nameless) accidentally hit me with a wooden block in my face." Hmm... I didn't realize I could accidentally hit people in the face with wooden blocks. Thanks for the tip. The school nurse patched him up and all was well.

Happy birthday! I said to a first grader whose name was announced in the morning as having a birthday that day. Her facial expression was complete confusion. Me: "Isn't it your birthday?" Student: "I don't know? I'm not sure when my birfday is? Now that I'm 40...I've decided that's an excellent approach.

Beans kids will eat. I've been charged with coming up with a kid friendly recipe that elementary student will like. I'm leaning towards jelly beans. What will Michelle Obama think?

What did you learn this week?

5 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

I'm crossing my fingers we don't fall to the flu. it seems to be everywhere!!!

And I love that she didn't know if it was her birthday! (I guess she didn't get a birthday basket.)

kisatrtle said...

No birthday basket and apparently no birthday wishes from a parent or a guardian... Odd?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Jelly beans was my immediate thought, too. Doesn't that combine fruit (jelly) and vegetable (bean) in one food?

I'm going to start carrying a wooden block in my pocket.

SparkleFarkel said...

"This week was a sprinkle of snot and vomit wrapped around a pesky little flu virus."

Man, talk about a solid example of imagery. LOL!

Kristie Maynard said...

Hope your middle one is better soon. Some great observations this week, as usual. Never know what you're going to learn from kids.
I'd go with those jelly beans too. It would sure be my pick since I'm not much of a bean fan. But then again, I do love black beans, but I'm not in elementary school am I?
I learned that my Mom can still surprise me. I brought up the idea of her moving into a senior apartment (after living in the home she's in for about 75 yrs) and she is up for it. I guess it really is time.

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