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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The great underwear debate

Dear underwear designers,

What are you thinking???

I was looking for some new underwear for my 11 year old and let me just tell I AM NOT IMPRESSED?

What are your design meeting like?

Do you sit around and just think of Disney cartoons you can sell out too? What is wrong with (gasp) plain old white? Striped? Polka dots??

Let's just go over a few things that are inappropriate.

Hello Kitty.

Simply inappropriate. Especially if you put the words Hello Kitty on there anywhere. If your kid is older than 5 they shouldn't have kitties on their undies.


Just plain old lightsabers??? I mean why not weiner dogs, hot dogs and sausages???

These are children's underwear???

Can't we just go back to plaid? Heck, I'd settle for a solid color. I mean why do they have designs at age 11 anyway? It's not like my child is refusing to wear they have One Direction on them.

How about some simply polka dots???

What say you?

3 random thoughts:

becca said...

i agree with you

Jenners said...

My son has plain underwear (stripes and such). Where the heck are you shopping??? Licensing R Us?

kisatrtle said...

Um... Target???

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