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Friday, December 7, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: I'll have corn... Sigh.

I have to be honest. This week was LooooooooNnnnggggg. I didn't think it would ever end.

Here's what I learned.

FRENCH TOAST LOOKS LIKE CAKE. Confused by the three French toast sticks on his tray one of my favorite little first graders asked my coworker, "Awe we hafin' cake?"

FIFTEEN IS NOT EIGHTEEN. We had one of those math errors this week that makes you go "awe nuts" and causes you to run out of cheese stick Dunkers. It's a good thing elementary kids are pretty easy going and not THIS guy who lost his mind over a piece of cheese.

THERE'S CORN IN YOUR MASH POTATOE BOWL Would you like a cup of veggies? I'll have corn. Um...that's not a choice. Would you like veggies. Nah. I'll have corn.

VOMIT IN THE MORNING. It's not uncommon to have a puker come to breakfast. However it might surprise you to learn that kids are mostly indifferent to this. As adults, if the person we are dining with vomits on their plate, we would likely move away while politely asking if they are okay. Kids?? They just keep eating. Sometimes I actually have to tell them to move down away from the vomit.

STRAWBERRY MILK HAS RETURNED. For unknown reasons, the strawberry milk has been "missing" from my order for the last two weeks. The milkman didn't wanna talk about it. Today it returned to a few loud cheers from the students.

Maybe it just needed a vacation...

What did you learn this week??

7 random thoughts:

Juliana said...

I learned that some places have these things called snow stakes so you know where your driveway is when you ave to clear the snow. And...that's where I'm moving!!! I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into for the winter!!!
Glad to hear that the strawberry flavored milk has returned!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I learn all I need to know from you! (I can't believe that customer at McDonald's. I wonder who cut the cheese.)

becca said...

yum cake for breakfast sounds good to me

Kristie Maynard said...

Interesting observations. This week I learned that if you are 57 and get some big huge zits above your lip, they probably aren't zits at all. Unfortunatly, mine turned out to be Shingles.

Pat said...

I know that if someone puked next to me that I would not stay there and continuing eating! I have "sympathy" vomiting and would have to puke right along side them if I didn't move.

Becca said...

That is rather disturbing the kids just continue to eat near the barf. Very gross. And glad the strawberry milk has returned!

You don't have much longer and then you guys will be out for Christmas break.

Jenners said...

OK … wow … can't imagine continuing to eat near a plate of vomit!!

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