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Monday, September 17, 2012

Made by Me Monday

What have I been working on?

Sadly nothing.

I'm having crafting withdrawl.

I stop by all your blogs and see all your fantastic creations and I think, "What have I been doing with all my time?"

And then I remember...

I started working full time.

I decided to continue to be the PTO president (a blog post in and of itself).

I'm still the yearbook chair of the elementary.

I am still, for now, covering three school districts and one township for the newspaper.  Starting next month I'm going to have to cut some of these.

My kid is playing soccer every weekend and therefore has to practice twice a week.

My son is in boy scouts and is selling popcorn and getting ready for his big Halloween parade.

My kids are taking musical instrument lessons.

I'm hosting book club this month.

Maybe I'll get some crafting done next week....

6 random thoughts:

Becca said...

You are one busy, busy lady!! I'm surprised you even have time to blog!

Pish Posh said...

That's a lot of things!

Make something for the Halloween parade :) I LOVE Halloween!!

becca said...

i'm always amazed at how bust things get when school starts back seems i have no time to do anything

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Monkey Man said...

my mum always said being a mom was a full time job :) and sounds like you are a busy busy one...hang in there

Jenners said...

Good grief!! I think you might be overdoing it a little. How do you even find time to blog? I'm not doing half of what you are doing but my blog is going down the toilet rapidly.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Yeah, but what are you doing while everyone else is sleeping?

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