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Thursday, August 2, 2012

An update on my summer goals

In June I shared a post listing ten things I'd like to accomplish this summer.

It is going much better than expected.

READ. I am well on my way to meeting my five book summer goal and (gasp) might even surpass it. Look for mini reviews of these books over the next few weeks.

DECLUTTER. As promised, we have been throwing "crap" out every Tuesday and it is finally starting to look a lot less crowded.

CELEBRATE. Tomorrow I'll be dancing at club celebrating my birthday with about a dozen friends. It has the potential to be a fun memorable night. (*smile*)

PEDICURES. Two down and one to go. Looks like my BFF and I are set to go next week! Yeah!

FIRE AND FRIENDS. Because of the weather, and an unexpected burn ban, we haven't had many fires. However, we are set to have one this weekend and we have had quite a few friends over minus the marshmellows.

PAINT. We survived the redo and painting of my daughters' room. Barely.

SCRAPBOOK. I am on track to have at least 30 pages complete over the summer months. I am working in a book for her husband's 40th birthday, updating the kids school books and birthday books.

BULLETIN BOARDS. Almost all requested cuts are complete. I just have about 75 dog bones to bust out. More photos later.

UNPLUG. I probably could unplug more...but the donkey farm was a challenge. Today we are off to the zoo and I have no plans to check in again until late tonight.

SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT. As much as I hoped and prayed that I would have sold my book by my 40th birthday, it wasn't meant to be. That's not to say I have given up and I am certainly still submitting.

As you know, I've spent a lot of time at the pool. I've spent far too much time yelling at my kids to get them to practice their instruments. I traveled to the donkey farm and my sister is currently visiting.

I have plans to tackle Hershey with oldest and teach her the joys of roller coasters. And with any luck, might see Def Leppard and Poison in concert.

It's no marathon, but it's not too shabby. *smile*

5 random thoughts:

Monkey Man said...

Woswers, when you set goals you really go at them....bravo my friend :)

Kristie Maynard said...

Sounds like you are having quite a productive summer along with having some fun. Great that you are meeting the goals.
I'm doing okay with mine, have been getting some of that craft room worked on, hopefully I'll get it finished soon.

Gina said...

Impressive. And your toes are adorable.

Jenners said...

You're rocking your goals … and the girls room looks awesome! Love it!

Jenners said...

You're rocking your goals … and the girl's room looks awesome!

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