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Monday, August 20, 2012

An Open Letter to Walmart

Dear Walmart,

How do I dislike you?  Let me count the ways.

There is the fact that you have 45 registers and you only open 4.  Why?  It's like you are purposely trying to piss me off.

There is the fact that the people working at the deli would rather be anywhere but in the deli.  I realize that maybe that isn't their dream job but when an elderly gentleman with two hearing aides simply wants to know which turkey lunch meat has the least amount of sodium so he doesn't poison his wife screaming 14 percent over and over at him is not the right answer. 

There is the fact that no matter the time of day there will be someone there giving a beat down to a small child.  It doesn't matter if its 7 a.m. or 11 p.m. someone will be there yelling at a child under three years of age.

There is the fact that without fail I will get behind the person with a cart full of school supplies and every ad in the tri-county area attempting to price match so they can save an additional 3 cents.  Seriously.  If I give you a dollar, will you go to another register.

There is the fact that your produce looks like a second hand store.  I realize that the Giant is selling strawberries for $3.50 lb and you are selling them for $1.50 lb, but if I can't eat them how does that help me?  Can't you see the mold?

There is the fact that all 4,000 carts are currently in the parking lot.

There is the fact that no matter what time of day or what time of year THERE IS ALWAYS A LINE A CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Hire more people to work customer service.  Preferably nicer people than those that work at your deli!

There is the fact that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to find better prices on groceries because if I could I WOULD NEVER ENTER YOUR STORE AGAIN!



5 random thoughts:

Monkey said...

You get four registers?wOw i WOULD FEEL LIKE HEAVEN..Im lucky if our walmart has two open...and the produce...well I think wally world is were produce goes to die ")

Miss Kendra said...

We had this conversation yesterday at my house. I HATE Walmart. Every time we go we regret it almost immediately! We went on Wednesday night just to grab milk on the way home so the kids could have cereal in the morning. There was 568 people in line for the 3 registers and they were all price matching so just to buy 3 items we waited forever! I honestly wonder why I didn't drive the 2 minutes to the nice facy grocery right by my house...

Kristie Maynard said...

Why not tell us how you really feel Kisa?!?! You sure let loose there! I haven't shopped at Walmart much so I don't really have much of an opinion about them. I do know that they have great chicken though.

Jenners said...

Our Walmart is much nicer than yours. Except for the icky strawberries. We got those too.

Moving with Mitchell said...

There is the fact that Walmart pays their employees less than other retailers, that they don't provide health insurance for somewhere near half of their employees, they violate child-labor laws and state labor regulations, that they pride themselves on what they do for the environment in a specific location after they're taken to court to make them do it, because by underpaying and employing more part-time workers with no benefits they place a burden on tax-payer funded services like Welfare, because they have been convicted of predatory pricing... Sorry. But you got me started... I really hate Walmart!

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