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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Suggestions for the DMV on ways to improve customer service

I went to get my driver's license renewed yesterday. Needed a new photo. Decided to go to a photo only location of the DMV thinking that it just might be faster.

Nope not really. Pulled a number 61. Now serving 50. Could be worse.

While waiting I came up with some minor suggestions on how the DMV could improve customer service.

Where's the TV? The CVS pharmacy has a TV. Why not the DMV?

Might it be possible to hire someone who is not an octogenarian? Someone who actually knows how to work a computer?

Let's be serious. I'm not one of those women who cares much about her photo. But when it's digital and the first take looks something like this is it necessary to ask me if that's ok?

Oh...wait here's an idea... a magazine rack. Something that doesn't just have the Pennsylvania motor vehicle code on it.

Off the top of my head you know what else might come in handy, chairs. More than six when you apparently normally have a 10 person wait.

Employees who do not sound out each letter of each word... But this probably goes back to the under the age of 80 thing.

Other than the above, the 40 minute wait was relaxing.

My chair mate (literally, she was practically siting on me) and I conversed about driving restrictions and how she probably shouldn't be allowed to drive at night (or at all)

I learned that she walks 3 miles everyday as long as it isn't below 17 degrees outside, which made me feel a bit inadequate since I pretty much just walk from my car to my pool chair.

I also learned that I will never have hair that doesn't look like Nick Nolte's no matter how many times they take the frickin' picture.

3 random thoughts:

Monkey Man said...

I find it horrible how not only do they show you a pic that makes you look like something found under a rug, but when they ask if its ok and you say no, please take another, they look shocked and a bit angry.....glad to know that the dmv is consitant all over the country :)

Kristie Maynard said...

You need to come and live near me. I had to go get an eye exam and they made me get a new picture too. I guess since the old one was something like 16 yrs old, that made sense. They were so friendly and helpful, there were plenty of chairs and although the guy who took my picture was getting up there in years, he did know what he was doing and joked the whole time.
But I do have a word of advice, NEVER, EVER go get the new picture for your license right after having dental work done. BIG mistake, now I have a picture that looks like i have something wrong with my mouth, it is totlly droopy on the right side. Now I'm stuck with that for the next 16yrs!

becca said...

my id picture makes it look like my head is shaved

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