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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Graduation No. #2

Tonight marked the second of my handful of graduations.  It was outside and chilly.  Almost felt like a fall football game.

Many of you commented that the six speeches that I heard on Friday seemed excessive.  Tonight's graduation had seven.  This class consisted of approximately 230 students.

The speeches had a common theme and weren't excessively long.  Suprisingly, the salutatorian didn't speak.  The Valedictorian did as did the three other students who auditioned for the part.

The principal's speech was very moving by difficult to quote as he had many personal memories of the class that started at the high school the same year he did. 

My favorite quote was spoken by the valedictorian who encouraged her classmates to step up onto the next rung of the ladder, to climb slowly, to comprehend deeply and to enjoy thoroughly. 

Are you enjoying life throughly???

3 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, I think I'd go nuts with all these speeches, but nice that the also-rans got to speak. Three years ago I was told a distant relative was to be one of five valedictorians of her HS graduating class. One of five. I didn't get it. I then learned there were only 94 students in the entire senior class. Five valedictorians seemed a bit excessive.

I do enjoy life much of the time. Is it even possible to enjoy it thoroughly?

Jenners said...

I'm not sure I'm enjoying it thoroughly but I'm enjoying it. I still think 7 speeches is a lot.

Trish and Treasure said...

Great photo!

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