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Monday, May 14, 2012

Once Upon a Time: A land without magic


Charming escapes from the clutches of the evil queen with a little help from the huntsman.  It was fantastic to see hotty pants Graham alive and well even if it was only for a brief moment.

The huntsman paid for his transgressions with a nice beating by the queen.

James runs into Rumple in the woods and we all know that nothing good can come from it.  He offers him his mother's ring, enchanted to find Snow in return James must plant a locket type egg in the belly of a beast.


He gives him the egg which contains the bottle of true love he manufactured and sends him to see Maleficent.  Now I must admit something here.  I love Maleficent.  In typical James fashion, he is confused and asks to see her beast.  She quickly turns into a dragon and as wrong as it seems I sort of hoped she'd eat him.

I mean I am not a team Charming/James/David fan.  He's just so whinny. 

Anyway, of course he is successful and when he returns to Rumple he is given not only the ring but also his stately robes.  He finds Snow in her glass coffin and when he leans down and kisses her...well you all know the story.

Once awake, Snow decides that the must take back the kingdom together.


The real action took place in Storybrook.  After Henry collapsed from the poisonous apple tart, he is rushed to the hospital.  Regina is not far behind.

Emma picks up the fairytale book and flashes through all the stories in her mind.  OH yeah!  She believes.  When Regina shows up she shouts at her, "It's all true, isn't it.  I was leaving town.  Why would you do this."

Surprisingly Regina admits it but when Emma asks her to fix Henry, Regina is heartbroken because she cannot.  "Magic is unpredictable here."

They go to Gold who offers little help but tells them that he planted a safeguard inside the belly of a beast.  Regina takes Emma to see Maleficent who she has imprisoned underground somewhere.  Emma is given her father's sword and told to kill the beast and return with the egg.

Surprisingly, she is successful.

But Gold tricks her into handing over the egg and Regina is disappointed by her naivety.  The duo takes off after him just as the are both paged by the hospital.  Something is wrong with Henry.

In the meantime, poor August turns completely to wood and Jefferson becomes even more angry with Regina for not keeping up her end of the bargain.  He decides to take matters into his own hands by breaking into the crazy farm and letting Belle out.  He tells her to seek out Mr. Gold and to tell him that Regina was keeping her prisoner.

She does but he is not as elated as I thought he would be. 

Emma and Regina get to the hospital only to find out that HENRY IS DEAD.


When Emma leans down to tell him goodbye she kisses his forehead and he awakens.  True loves kiss.

But not only does he awaken so does everyone in Storybrook.  David has been planning on leaving.  He is packing but once awakened by the kiss he seeks out Snow and they share a tender moment before the purple smoke comes back.

Regina flees the hospital and heads home, certain that her lynch mob will be following.

Gold takes Belle to the wishing well and he proceeds to drop the true love potion inside.  It starts to release the purple smoke almost immediately.  Belle asks, "What are you doing?"

"The magic is coming," he replies, "and magic is power."

We flash to the smoke encompassing Snow and Charming and we see Regina smiling at her window.  She seems to know that her lynch mob will no longer be approaching.

Emma says to Henry, "What is that?"

He replies, "It can't be good."

3 random thoughts:

Pish Posh said...

Haha! This is unexpected :)

Becca said...

I just finished watching this episode! Insanity! I was wondering what they were going to do for season two since Emma broke the curse but I guess with the magic coming back it's going to go down in Storybrook. ha!

becca said...

love this show and great finale have you heard if it will be back next season

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