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Monday, April 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time: The Return

Once Upon a Time returned last night and it was worth the wait. 


August appears to be ill.  He is coughing and having trouble getting up.  He clearly needs a doctor but instead goes to see Henry.

He convinces Henry to distract Mr. Gold while he looks for something.  What he s looking for remains a mystery. 

Meanwhile, back at the house Mary Margaret is home and the entire town has forgiven her for being a whore now that she is not a murderer.  They are all at her house and bringing gifts and eating food.  It's sort of ridiculous.

Kathryn remembers nothing accept being locked in a mysterious basement and being given food.  She was released in a field and hiked her way back.  Regina is clearly pissed about the entire situation and feels like Gold broke their deal.

He tells her that he has only broken one deal in his entire life and it was not the deal she is talking about.

David continues to be one of the hottest and most idiotic characters on the show.  I like him much better in fairytale land where he is sure of himself and not a moron.  He visits Kathryn and tells her how wonderful she is and attempts to attend MM homecoming but he isn't invited.

Later the duo have a scene together that is reminiscent of a Hallmark Movie and kind of nauseating.  "I thought you were the one person who would always be there for me when you weren't with your wife...blah blah blah."  I don't really like these two together.

Gold breaks into August's apartment and finds a sketch of the knife that can kill Rumpelstiltskin.  Curiouser and Curiouser.  I mean how in the world does August know about that?  Could he be Rumple's son, Bay?

Gold follows August to a convent where he learns he is wrestling with the decision to reveal himself to his father.  Maybe he really is August.

The have a confrontation.  August calls him papa.  There is an awkward hug and then things get really weird.  They dig up the sword together and August tries to summon the dark lord.  Um...seriously?  Rumples says if he were Bay then he would know that there is no magic in this world.

August says he needs magic because he is sick.

In a rather unsurprising twist, Sydney confesses to kidnapping and holding Kathryn hostage.  He claims he did so he could get the inside story but it is clear that he is lying to protect Regina, whom he still loves.


We are given some more background into Bay and Rumpelstiltskin's life.  After Rumple becomes the dark lord, Bay begins to loathe him.  He brings fear in everyone and because of that fear people are also afraid of Bay.

After a minor accident, Rumple kills the man who bruised Bay's leg.  After the maid overhears them talking about the sword, he kills her. 

Bay makes Rumple promise that if he finds a way to save him without killing him that Rumple will take it.  Rumple agrees.

Bay visit the RuleGollum also known as the blue fairy who gives him a magic seed that grows into a beanstalk.  Oh...wait...wrong fairytale.  This bean grows into a wormhole that will take the person willing to travel it to a world with no magic.

Rumple backs out on his deal and Bay goes through the wormhole alone.

Immediately Rumple regrets the decision and goes to the blue fairy demanding another wormhole seed.  She simple doesn't have any others.

Rumple learns that a curse can take him to the place where his son is and he vows to figure out how to conjure it.

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