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Monday, March 12, 2012

Once Upon A Time: Red-handed

This episode made up for last week's lame event. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

David and Emma have a little pow wow at the police station and she says "It doesn't matter that you can't explain a damn thing. You are gorgeous and I will let you go."

David leaves and apparently heads to the woods to look for Kathryn.

Ruby has a childlike fit at the diner and quits because Grannie won't let her see the lemurs. She was going to leave town but MM says live with us. Do you get the impression that MM brings home lots of strays and that she probably owns a lot of cats!

Emma works at the only sheriff department in the world with a surplus budget. She gives Ruby a job answering phones and running errands. Some of which are a little questionable.

MM finds David in the woods where she too is looking for Kathryn. He's dazed and confused. She fetches Emma who brings Ruby. Ruby finds him straight away. David has lost his memory.....AGAIN.

Dr. Whale says probably a side effect of his comma and that maybe he could do a lot of things with no memory of them.

Emma says last time this happened he was headed somewhere specific. She sends Ruby out there to look. Ruby digs up a jewelry box with a human heart in it. Really?

It's looking like our man David is finally going to be arrested but alas it is MM. Her fingerprints were all over it.

That complicates things.

Peter the Hot comes knocking on Red's door. Grannie is hard core in Fairytale land. She doesn't want Red out of the house. She doesn't like Peter.

Soldiers come knocking on the door. Grannie says stop fighting the wolf. Hid. It is the only way to be safe. She sends Red to bed. She tells her to stay in her cape.

Grannie stands guard with a mean ass cross bow.

The next morning Red finds Snow hiding in the chicken coop. She lets her stay with them. They find a well full of blood and the entire army slain in the yard.

The men are rallying. They are going to KILL THE BEAST.

Grannie fills them in. She says that when she was a girl she saw the beast. She saw it kill her six brothers and her father. It nearly chewed off her arm. She tells them to stay and hide.

Red tells Snow she feels trapped. That Grannie won't let her out. That she loves Peter but that as long is the wolf is out there Grannie won't let her be with him.

She convinces Snow to hunt the wolf with her. They track it and realize that it's part wolf part man. It looks like Peter is the wolf.

Snow convinces her to tell Peter. To save him. Snow deceives Grannie and pretends to be Red. Red sneaks out to tie up Peter. To save him from himself.

Grannie learns of the defeat and rushes to Peter's aide. For he is not the wolf...RED IS THE WOLF.

Next week: Just how pure is Snow White?

3 random thoughts:

becca said...

I so did not see that twist coming about red it was brilliant

TortugaRachel said...

Oh I missed a good one. I am definitely catching this online when I get home today!

septembermom said...

I'm addicted to these reviews of yours. They are awesome!

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