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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Fit Challenge ~ Week 2's week two and it has been a rollercoaster of a ride.  Do you have a nagging New Year's Resolution that you're looking to complete?  Do you need some encouragement to get you moving and up off the couch?  Do you want people to reassure you that punching random ignorant shoppers at the grocery store is not in your best interest?  Then sign up over at Pish's because we love a crowd.

Let's review...

I wrote an additonal 3,000 words on my NaNoWriMo Novel.  I am happy with where I am at with it and most importantly, I can see the ending.  I can visualize it.

Nothing motivates me more than some fantastic news and it turns out that I might actually be a good writer.  I entered a manuscript in a National contest and I MADE THE FIRST CUT!  My manuscript is in the top 25! 

That alone will get your creative juices flowing! Totally on my way to over 50,000 before the end of this challenge.

I have to admit that I probably didn't get much more active than last week.  I've been on the treadmill less than a handful of times and that was only for 20 minutes at a time.  I've decided not to beat myself up about this for three reasons 1) because I am on my feet for a minimum of 5.5 hours a day; because 2) I am walking a couple of miles on Saturday in support of JDRF for my nephew and 3) because I am spread a little thin right now.

This week I am devoting an ungodly amount of time to studying for my big LUNCHLADY test next Monday, March 26th. 

Questions expected to be on the test...

What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for TCS food cooked in a microwave?

An example of a TCS food is?  A. Dried parsley  B.  diced cranberries  C.  chopped celry  D.  sliced cantaloupe

What can cause histamine to form in tuna?

I'm adding something I want to work on this week and that's my relationship with my kids.  Lately I've been struggling with the way my children treat each other.  I've been struggling with the lack of respect.  My middle daughter angers sooo quickly over just about anything.  She can go from 0 - 5000 in two minutes over something as simple as her sister is singing.  It fries my patience.  Fries it...

So I'm gonna try to work on it... which likily means it's gonna get even harder...

5 random thoughts:

Kristie Maynard said...

Congrats on moving forward in that writing contest. Positive reinforcement is one of the best motivators.
Right now, I'm just working on getting rid of this stinkin' cold. It just doesn't want to go away!

Pish Posh said...

OMG!! So happy for you!! Congratulations on making the cut AND on 3,000 words. That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pish Posh said...

Hmm so this is interesting. How to work on relationships with kids and between kids. Something for me to ponder and see if we can find any tips.

Hey at least you are thinking about fitness and 20 mins at a time is better than nothing. Walking is also a great exercise. Is there a way you can give yourself a rest after being on your feet all day AND go for a nice walk 1-2 times a week with a friend to hang out and also workout?

TriGirl said...

Congrats on the progress and acceptance to the first cut on the writing contest!

Also, 20 minutes on the mill is still exercise!

TriGirl said...

Sounds like you're making progress on all counts! Dancing is a great way to burn calories :)

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