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Monday, February 27, 2012

What is on your mind Monday?

Today I am listing ten things I am currently pondering.

Why do people keep asking me stupid questions? I have been asked some of the most outlandish questions lately from "Are you pregnant?" to "can you send a two week old turkey sub home with my kid?"

Will my husband's job remain stateside? Let's be clear. I don't want to move. I like our school district. I like the house we live in. I certainly don't want to live overseas and my husband's contant Asian travel is making me wonder if that decision lies in our not-to-distant future.

I dislike everyone running for president. Seriously? These are the only choices?

Nothing annoys me more than a rumor. If you have no facts to support your story, your email or your life, please refrain from sharing it. With me or anyone else.

Society is obsessed with death. I wish ABC family would have played The BodyGuard BEFORE Whitney died.

Concered about a certification I need to take prior to my head cook/cafe manager gig kicks in. I am not a great test taker. Appaently, a biology course sometime in my life might have been beneficial. I have to know all sorts of foodborn illnesses. Great. I hardly eat much as it is.

More and more convinced that life is seldom fair. Good people get sick. Inadequate people keep their jobs.

My fitness pal is a clever app that counts your calaries. It is a little time consuming and tends to tell me things i already know like I eat a lot of carbs.

Looking forward to my daughter's makeover party this weekend. A friend is providing makeup lessons. Should be a hoot!

Very thankful for the tasty glass of wine I am drinking. Pondering getting another one.

What is on your mind?

4 random thoughts:

Kristie Maynard said...

Very interesting things you are pondering there. On my mind.... shouldn't there be a rule that there should be a space to cut between coupons?

Why do they put them so close together so that if you have a little slip of the scissors you cut off the date or the UPC?

If I became incapacitated, would my whole coupon box just gather dust or would someone pick it up and actually use them?

Why does my 87 yr old Mom think it's an option for me to take her to the doctors in my husbands cargo van, she is so little she has a tough time getting into the mini van, how does she think she will get into a cargo van?

What is this weird weather we've had this winter? And will the spring and summer be strange too?

Will the BS that is going on in the family ever end? And why would someone leave a non family member as executor? Especially when they are dumb as a rock and crooked as they come?

Why does the apple not fall far from the tree when some thing is a bad trait? But no one says that when it's something good?

Just sayin!

Jenners said...

Asia? Wow … that would be something.

And I am in love with the Lose It app. You can scan most barcodes on food and it enters the calories and stuff for you and remembers it. Exactly what I need!! And best of all, it is FREE!! Check it out if you're not 100% thrilled with your app.

Pish Posh said...

Ah rumors are the worst.

I can help you with your decision. VOTE OBAMA. :)

Also - anyone who asks if you are pregnant deserves a two week old turkey sandwich.

I gave you a little award :)

septembermom said...

A makeover party sounds nice. Boy, do I need one. I agree that our culture's fascination with death is way too much. So the question I'm pondering is: Would I be crazy to watch Lost all again? My boys say that I'm an addict :)

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