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Monday, February 20, 2012

Once Upon a Time: What Happened to Frederick

This week's episode was packed full of details making recapping the event somewhat difficult.

In Storybrook:

David became synopsis with liar, liar, pants on fire.  He learns from Kathryn that she has applied and been accepted to law school in Boston.

His reaction is to go for a walk with Mary Margaret.  MM decides to pull out the honest card because we all know that people having a heated affair think about honesty A LOT.  She implores David to tell Kathryn that he cannot go to Boston.  He says OK, but we all have our doubts.

Meanwhile we learn that being a biker and a writer is a plausible combination and the name of our mystery writer is indeed...August Wayne Booth. least he didn't say John Wilkes Booth.

He invites Emma for a drink and hauls her off to some enchanted wishing well where they can get water from a magic lake.  "If you drink from it, something that is lost will be returned to you."


We are privy to a scene in which August is carefully drying and rebounding a book.  Could it be THE book of stories that Henry is missing?

Sure enough after drinking from the wishing well the book just finds Emma underneath her car.  It appears August had something to do with it.  His role in this story is still quite a mystery to me.

David encourages Kathryn to go to Boston but fails to mention why he cannot go with her.  He every so charmingly tells her that he doesn't want to hold her back.  I threw up in my mouth a little.

Kathryn goes to visit her BFF...oh wait...she doesn't have any friends so she goes to see Regina who promptly lies to her and says Sydney took pictures of MM and David and she is "Oh so sorry"  Kathryn loses it and goes to the school where she promptly embarrasses MM.  Soon the entire town is calling her a tramp even though most of them are not sleeping with their husbands either.  The worst part, she knows that David did not tell Kathryn and is lying to them both.  Charming...isn't it?

Regina tries to replace Henry's book with a video game, but Emma surprises him with the return of the book he longed to see.

After ruining MM's professional life, Kathryn has a change of heart.  She writes David a letter blessing his relationship with MM.  Of course, before leaving she must reveal her plan to Regina...her BFF.  Regina gives her blessing then promptly steals and burns the letter. 

Kathryn never makes it out of Storybrook.  Where she can only guess.  Her car was off the side of the road, airbag deployed, empty.  It looked like Frederick was first on the scene.

In Fairytale land,

James flees from King George's kingdom.  He is a little angry.  He sends his men.  James is captured but not by Abigail.

He is determined not to marry someone he doesn't love.  Her response..."How charming."

She doesn't love him either.  Her true love was turned to gold when he saved her father Midas from an attack.  The only way to break his curse is to gather water from Lake Nostos.  Of course, the lake is guarded by an evil beast.

James agrees to get the water for she can save her true love.

"If I return to you then you will be happy and free of pain and if the beast drowns me then I will be free of pain."

James finds the lake and is greeted by a mermaid of sorts that can change into whomever she desires.  She takes the appearance of Snow and nearly succeeds in drowning James but he tells her that he knows what true love feels like and it is not this.  In the end he manages to stab her and retrieve the water for Kathryn.

She pours the water over her golden lover and her returns to her.  He give James a horse and some supplies so he too may find Snow.

James doesn't find Snow but he does find Red.  She tells him that Snow went to the castle to break up his wedding that she does indeed love him.

They are found by King George and he swoops Red onto his horse and they flee into the woods. 

What did you think of this weeks episode?

2 random thoughts:

becca said...

OMG last nights episode was so good

TortugaRachel said...

Nice wrap up, and yes, it was THAT full of details. Whew.

Ok, I HATE Regina more and more each week. This week though, I wanna just kick David in his lovely teeth for being such a you know what. He is soooo unlike James that it really bothers me. Most of the other Storybrooke characters are different and yet still similar enough to their Fairy Tale Land counterparts that the general character traits carry over, but not him. It really bothers me.

I wanna know what happened to Belle. Where is she in Storybrooke?

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