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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: I'll have a bananna hold the imabendazole, imazalil and myclobutanil

I know what your thinking. How can she post a Lessons from the Lunchlady post when her district was on winter break and she only spent two days in the cafeteria?

To you I say, you've obviously never spent two days in the cafeteria.

That place is oozing with enlightenment. Oozing I say.

Bannanas need "preserved for quality". I know...i had no idea either but apparently imabendazole, imazalil and myclobutanil help with this process. And to think, all this time I've been buying them by the bunch and hanging them on a hook.

Caterpillar delight is a delight. We are celebrating various countries throughtout this month and the next few days are dedicated to Mambia. This meal was a challenge as they eat a lot of mice and bugs. Since we're not allowed to serve that we settled for pudding with oreos, graham cracker bugs and a gummy worm.

A birthday melody. Our famous custodian had a birthday over the winter break. There is nothing quite like the sound of grades of children attempting to sing happy birthday. It's the loudest most off pitch cha cha cha rendtion you will ever long to hear.

HS wrestlers have cheerleaders. When did wrestling become a sport cheerleaders attend. Did you have wrestling cheerleaders when you were in high school?

In the middle
of the mat
roll him over
pin him flat.


Bag lunch picnic style. We had a reading reward mid year party on Friday. As part of the party the kids all got a brown bag lunch and they got to eat on the floor. A first grader said, "Are we poor? Lunch in a bag and no tables?". A kindergartener said she was going to "Call 911 because eating on the floor was ridiculous." My favorite part about the picnic? My principal repeated reminding the kids not to set their food on the floor.

What did you learn this week?

8 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had cheerleaders for wrestling when I was in high school, and that was quite a while ago!

This is a very funny post. I like how the kids and principal reacted to the picnic lunch!

I am your neighbor on the Write on Edge link this weekend! I have visited and enjoyed your blog before. Nice to meet you:)

Mitch Block said...

I especially love I'm a Ben Dazole and I'm a Zalil. Never ever heard of wrestling cheerleaders. And I love the kids reaction to brown-bag lunches and eating on the floor (that sure wouldn't have thrilled me).

Pat said...

I learned a LOT from the lunchlady this week! I LOVE the comments from the kids! Are we poor? I'm calling 911! Too funny! Cheerleaders for wrestlers? Are you freaking kidding me?

Wendy said...

Your posts always make me smile!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Thanks for the laugh lunch lady! You're already in my reader, but I'm coming today via WriteonEdge.

Gina said...

The banana thing is gross. But the bag lunches comments? Hilarious.

Jenners said...

I'm a banana hooker myself. Hm.

And for just two days, you managed to come up with a lot of observations.

kt moxie said...

I just want to know... does hanging your bananas on a hook work? 'Cuz I'm lazy and just put mine on the counter... Thanks for the laughs!

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