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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An apathy towards fundraising

I don't like fundraising.

Just like all parents I feel a little overwhelmed by the constant barrage of fliers and requests. It is only the 15th day of school and I have recieved the following:

PTO membership requests from Middle and Little Gs school.

A request for my Giant bonuscard number that will allow the schools to earn 1 percent. It can be split between two schools. My kids are in three different schools.

A request to purchase a mandatory gym uniform.

A kids stuff coupon book fundraiser.

A candy sale fundraiser.

A request for names of people who might want to sponsor my child in a walk-a-thon.

FBLA clothing sale and a tshirt sale at little Gs school.

Buy a book from the visiting author.

This doesnt include any sports related fundraising.

Umm...I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Granted not all of these are fundraisers. Often times it is hard to decipher which ones are and which ones aren't.

I can see why some parents just elect to wash their hands of it all. After all what do their taxes pay for.

Of course, since becoming more active in multiple PTOs I can tell you what your taxes don't pay for. They dont pay for field trips. They dont pay for fun fest or the yearbook or any classroom parties.

And what do you remember most about grade school? I'm guessing it's not social studies. But it might be that trip you took to D.C.

I feel a little torn by all the requests but I am trying to help as much as I can. I sold some kid stuff books, I bought a mandatory gym uniform, I joined and volunteer with two of the three PTOs (one of which I am the president), I said I'd chaperone a middle school dance which still makes me shutter, I provided middle Gs school with some potential sponsors and I will likely buy some district clothing (but honestly most of my wardrobe is black and orange).

But we wont be selling candy and we likely will not be getting a book from the visiting author.

Here's hoping that even in their apathy others will do the same because the $12,000 the PTO needs for field trips alone right now is looking like an unattainable possibility.

How do you feel about fundraising? What was the best one you ever participated in?

5 random thoughts:

msjinkzd said...

I think they should sell giftcards to the local grocery store and other chain businesses.

cjsjaksmom said...

You forgot about Boy Scout popcorn and candles (and Girl Scouts!! But you don't do Girl Scouts.......)
I feel the same. It is ridiculous. I would rather pay my child's portion of a field trip, than to have to participate in all these fundraisers. I really appreciate your effort in the KidStuff books!! Thank you! :-) As far as I'm concerned you should be done with fundraisers for the year.

Jenners said...

It does get overwhelming. I try to do what I can and it is easier for me because I only have one kid. But then I get reqeusts from my nieces and I think "You're on your own there, kids." : )

I also don't like to ask relatives to support his fundraising efforts because most of them are elderly and on fixed incomes or barely getting by. It does feel like a bit too much sometimes.

Marina said...

School just started and you already got all that request?? omg..

Kristie Maynard said...

I'm SO glad my kids are out of school. When they were in school there were some things I didn't mind and others that I hated.
Since we own our own business and we don't have an 'office' situation I always hated when we were asked to sell candy bars. Some parents just took the box to work and put it on their desk or in the break room and they were gone in no time. We didn't have that opportunity, so it was always painful to hear they were selling candy bars.
I ran the book fairs for several years, but this wasn't a fund raiser, we gave the kids a discount instead, that way they could buy more with their money. Loved the bookfairs. When I was planning and running them I was totally in my element.
In our school district there is a portion of the money put into each school for field trips, of course not enough to cover what they wanted to do, so the PTA had to deal with funding the rest, but at least some of it was provided.

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