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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An open letter to my 5th grader

Dear Middle G,

Another school year is upon us and you are starting the 5th grade. You will likely change a lot this year.

When I look at you, I still see the tiny toddler with the deep voice. It sometimes catches me by surprise when I realize that you have been transformed into the beautiful young lady in front of me.

This year, boys might stop being completely yucky. Dare I say it, you may even think one or two of them are cute. The problem is they will continue to find you yucky for another year or two. This is a good thing. Trust me.

Some advice from your mama.

Choose your friends wisely. Girls are catty. They like you one day but not the next. Don't be like that. Treat everyone with respect, even if they don't deserve it.

You aren't going to be good at something the first time you try it. Everything takes practice. Believe it or not, you had to fall a couple of times before you learned to walk.

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing to the best of your abilities. Whether that's the violin, math, soccer or science always try your best.

We butt heads alot. You are stubborn. As you grow, we are going to butt heads even more. But I can promise you this, I will always be in your corner. I will always be cheering for you!

Make it a great 5th grade year. The choice is yours.



5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

the one thing I am always in awe of when I read these letters is the profound love you have for your shines in every word.

mothers are an amazing gift to the world, and you my dear friend exude that amazingness


Jenners said...

I love when you share these letters with us. And I wonder when boys and girls stop finding each other yucky?! Let me know!!!

Becca said...

I love your letters to your children. Sounds like you've got it all figured out! Here's to hoping that they listen to each and every word!

DeepBlue said...

Beautiful! Lucky kids! :)

septembermom said...

Great letter. I love when you write these. You're right that we are always in their corner. It's good to remind them of that fact.

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