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Monday, August 29, 2011

An open letter to Hurricane Irene

Dear Hurricane Irene,

You are a media whore.

You have dominated the news for the last week and you are wickedly pissed.

We faired pretty well here in south central Pennsylvania but my sister and our friends in North Carolina took a wallop.

This a picture of a tree being held up by power wires, which is never a good sign.

This is the debri floating in my sister's pool. Yuck. She spent nearly 24 hours without power and learned that the school she teaches at is flooded and lost part of its roof.

These are pictures of my beach buddies houses. The winds you brought with you caused $400 million dollars worth of damage in NC alone.

Those winds were in excess of 100 miles and killed 6 people in that state.

This picture shows my sister's neighbor's tree but it also shows the smiling faces of my neice and nephew....a welcome sight, indeed.

In conclusion, I remain impressed with your destructive ability. I am humbled by the massive size and fury you hit the eastern portion of this country with and I am praying for all our friends north of here.


5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

praying along with you my friend :)

Kristie Maynard said...

I've been keeping tabs on so many people along the eastern shore! Here in Buffalo, NY area we just got some cool temps and wind, but no rain and nothing bad at all. All my friends have done pretty well, some without power for a while and my cousin had a tree fall on her home, but thank goodness it wasn't a big one, even so it did cause some damage, but no one was hurt. Still keeping everyone in my prayers.

Jenners said...

It did hit NC pretty badly … but she didn't live up to her reputation up here (for which I am thankful).

becca said...

happy all is well and will be sendin gpositive thoughts

septembermom said...

Those are some pictures. We had a lot of down trees near us too. Glad that your family is okay.

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