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Monday, August 1, 2011

Made by Me Monday: first grade bulletin board idea

I am skippin' along with Lou today and posting some items I have cut for one of the first grade teachers in our building.

These sweet little cows are from the create a critter cartridge for the cricut and they are cut at 4 inches. The barns are cut at 4 1/2 inches and the grass strip is 1 1/4 inch by 8 1/2 inches.

The words, which are not pictured, are also at 4 inches and say "First Grade is Something To Moooooooo about."

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

you always come up with the most creative things :) luv this.

Becca said...

Ugh. You make me want a cricut machine SOOOOOO flippin' bad!!

Kristie Maynard said...

Very cute! I used to have a friend who taught 1st grade and they had the cutest bullitin boards and such in that grade. These are just adorable!

Rebecca said...

how cute i love them

septembermom said...

Adorable! You are one creative mama!!

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