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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mini Book Reviews

I have a short attention span. When fellow blogger Jenners started writting mini book reviews, I was sold. Just enough information to decide if I would want to read it. In case you are unaware, Jenners is a genius.

Since I am feeling like my genius is running low and I have little to nothing to blog about I thought I would review the three books I have actually managed to reax this summer. Trust me, at this rate, I may set a record or something.

I picked this book because the author Sonnenblick had a speaking engagement at my daughter's intermediate school last year, Oldest G was impressed with him even though he doesn't write fantasy, which is her favorite genre. My husband got a chuckle out of the title and he was thankful that it wasn't a self help book designed to teach, well, faking it.

The main character is San Lee and he finds himself in nowhere PA (which may or may not be my home town) starting at a new school again, this time he decides to basically reinvent himself by creating an entirely different life for himself. It works great for a while until the girl he likes unravels his secrets and San finds out why faking it isn't a great idea.

I am facinated by popular YA fiction and while this book would engage both boys and girls, I found the book to be a little slow for me. It was cleverly written and the twists were seemless. Would recommend it to a 5th or 6th grade boy, especially if they like basketball.

My friend B was turned onto these books by our local librarian. More than one person has recommended them to me as a fun, humorous series so while I was at camp I read the first book. I was hoping to go on a road trip to Jersey to meet the author, but unfortunately that didn't work out.

The main character, Stephanie Plum, is relatable and funny. She's an unemployed discount lingerie buyer that is so poor at the moment that she just drank her last bottle of beer for breakfast. She blackmails her cousin Vinnie into giving her a bail bond recovery job worth $10,000.

I loved her family and became convinced that we may share the same grandmother. The characters of Morelli and Range are fantasticly written and th e book made me chuckle aloud more than once.

What more can you ask for. A fast and essy summer read!

Scottoline has more than a dozen books and I have never read any of them. This was a book club pick and the premise of the story involves a reporter named Ellen Gleeson who recieves a HAVE YOU SEEN THIS KID postcard in the mail only to do a double take on how much the child looks like her adopted son.

The reporter in her won't let the sleeping dog lie and the more questions she asks the more questions she has. It was well crafted and one of those books I had to find out how it ended. Some of the writing was bizzare. For example, near the beginning the author descibed the sky as looking like frozen blueberries which I found strange. Scottoline also tried to conivince me that Playdoh smells like almonds. It is clear that she has no children.

Other than some strange language and an occassional unbelievable plot twist I found the book to be quite the page turner. One of those books where you can't figure out how anything good could possibly happen and need to know the ending.

Another easy to read summer book.

6 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

good reviews...add to my must read list :)

Dan said...

Have to agree that the Stephanie Plum books are all good reads. I like them.

Galit Breen said...

Love the snippet book reviews! Perfect for an avid reader with a short attention span like me.

Wait, what? :)

Jenners said...

Thanks for recognizing my genius!! HAHA!

I too enjoyed the Stephanie Plum series until about Book 9 when they started just seeming like the exact same book with some minor changes. I grew tired of them and dropped them. My advice would be to space them out and don't read them too close together or you'll have the same problem.

I think I read that Scottoline book actually!!

JULIANA said...

OH I love the Stephanie Plum books!

Kristie Maynard said...

The Stephanie Plum books are some of my favorites. I love the characters. These books make me laugh out loud sometimes and that is always a good thing. #18 just came out and I plan to get that one very soon.
Haven't read and Scottoline, but I do believe I have one in my Nook waiting to be read.
Great reviews!

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