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Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping: By the numbers

The cabin
Our week of roughing it is over and when I say roughing it I really mean listening to my children whine about why there is no TV and how come they aren't allowed to play with the ipad.  We stayed in a modern cabin this year, complete with electricity, a fridge, a stove, a shower, a flushing toilet and actual beds.

I know what you are thinking, that's not exactly camping, but it is the kind of camping I grew up with.  The kind of camping I did with my grandparents and it was a nice way for my kids to get to camp with their grandparents.  I mean, my MIL is 70, and she doesn't want to have to walk some creepy path in the forest to go to the bathroom in the  middle of the night any more than I do.

me and my yeah

Here's our week, by the numbers:

Number of smores I ate WITH PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!  10

Number of times someone tramped on my broken toe:  2

Number of times the kids from the cabin beside us were in or at our cabin:  17

Big G, middle G, Cabin Kid #1, Cabin Kid #2, Little G in the sand

Number of times my MIL belly laughed while we had a water balloon fight:  7

Number of times my MIL hung underwear out on a clothesline draped across our porch:  1

Number of times all 7 of us went for a hike:  2 (and that wasn't a good idea.  Between my broken toe and my MIL's cane we were a sorry bunch.)

Little G with Chicken the Cat

Number of times my son asked to keep the stray cat he named Chicken:  2,498

Number of times I swam in the lake:  0

Number of times my son squealed in delight at the sight of a duck walking:  1 (apparently he never knew they could walk on land.  Just putting it on my ever growing list of parenting fails)

Number of times my kids swam in the lake:  3

Number of fish my middle daughter caught:  19 (and by fish I mean tiny little sunfish the average size of a 50 cent piece)

Middle G with her really big catch

Number of times we went home to get something we forgot:  2

Number of times we went to Walmart:  3

Number of books I read:  2 (which is somewhat of a miracle)

Number of times a woodpecker woke me up:  2

Number of GIANT spiders we found:  1 (and that was one too many)

Number of combined bug bites:  212 (save very few for me as I must be rather bitter **smile**)

Number of visitors we had stop by (not including the neighbor cabin kids or the stray cat):  11

two of mine and two of my friends

Middle G, with Miss K and Crazy B

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

the photos are awesome...I still think you are the bravest woman I know, camping with all those kids lol ;)

Amanda said...

That's real enough camping for me too. I've enough experience with the more primitive variations and I don't miss it. :)

Great pictures!

Kristie Maynard said...

That's my idea of camping too. When I was a teen, I used to do tent camping with a friend and we had a ball, but I'm not a teen anymore and I will never tent camp again! A couple years ago we went camping with my nephew and his girlfriend. We rented a place at a private lake. I now call it cottaging! It was an A frame cottage with 4 bedrooms, cable tv and everything you might need to live there full time. Unfortunately we were only there a week. But boy did I love it! And the only tv we watched was the Olympics, because how could we not? LOL.
Sounds like you had a fun vacation! Even with the whining.

septembermom said...

Ouch about those bug bites!!!

Love the pictures. This is another great post. Love the image of the MIL underwear flapping in the wind. LOL.

I like the idea of a modern cabin.

Jenners said...

This is my way to camp too ... except I call the "cabin" a "hotel" and I do have TV and AC. HAHA! I must tell my husband about your brilliant peanut butter cup smote idea!

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