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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writer's Workshop: 10 Reason Why My Boss is FREAKIN Awesome

At great personal risk, I am not only posting this picture but also a post about the ten things I love about my boss.

You are laughing, aren't you?

I know what you are thinking.  Come on, now! NO ONE LOVES their boss.

Not true. 

On most days, my boss makes me laugh, makes me feel better about parenting, and refuses to fire me even when I'm trying to go home early.

Here are just a few reasons why you would want to be a lunch lady if you worked for S.

  1. My boss raised five daughters.  Nothing my kids do hasn't already been done to her.  She is a great sounding board when it comes to mother-daughter drama.
  2. She is generous to a fault.  She gives her clothing to the school clothing drive, she buys gift cards for families that are struggling, she provides caps and gowns to students who can't otherwise afford them.
  3. She understands that I have a handicap when it comes to being able to stack items properly and often follows me around as I put dishes away and puts them away properly.
  4. She understands and appreciates my sarcasm.
  5. She is willing to give up her paid personal days to help a co-worker in need.
  6. She loves holiday napkins as much as the students do and pays for them out of her own money.
  7. My boss LOVES what she does and that makes it easy to work for her.
  8. She understands that I took this cafeteria job so I could still do things like go on field trips, paint faces on fun day and attend the 6th grade honor breakfast.
  9. She knows that no one is perfect and just shrugs it off when I miscount and make more than 30 extra lunches
  10. She is willing to have her hours cut and given to me so that we can continue to work together.
It is truly a blessing to hang out with her!

This post was inspired by a prompt on Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop
She is fabulous and you should go visit and give her comment love.

10 random thoughts:

Suzie said...

Your boss really does sound amazing. You are so lucky to have her!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know you are awesome! this post just proves it, I think she is lucky to have you as a worker my friend

kt moxie said...

She sounds like an amazing woman! Getting a great boss is such a blessing.

Diane said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful lady/boss in your life. My kinda person!

Amanda said...

Not laughing at all, she sounds like a great boss!

Cap'n Salty said...

Your boss is da bomb!! Ok, sorry to sound all dorky just then, but wow, talk about someone who does it for the kids! Give your boss a hug from me!

Crystal said...

WOW! You are a lucky chick!

DeepBlue said...

Birds of a feather...
You're boss is awesome because you are too. I agree with David.
Wish you a great summer.

Jenners said...

She sounds amazing!! Generous and kind and wise. Too bad she isn't the President of the whole country!! You're a lucky lady to have a boss like that.

septembermom said...

She sounds like a truly wonderful and generous woman. I bet she will teach all around her so much about the right way to live life.

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