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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame (inspired by Jenners)

My bloggy buddy Jenners had this post up a few weeks ago and I just loved it.  I immediately wanted to do one of my own.  I don't expect to be anywhere near as funny as Jenners, but none the less, I give you kisatrtle's claim to fame.

Minute 1: 1977  I start kindergarten and immediately become a fashionista.  Even now at first look you are wondering where you can get one of these hot jumpers.

Minute 2:  1980   I am given the worlds most romantic Valentine by a boy named Brett.  It is made from a doily and I already blogged about how I feel about doilies.  That being said, I still have the silly Valentine somewhere.  It is red with a white doily and under one of the corners it says.  "I think you are cool."  It was third grade and that was quite a compliment.

Minute 3:  1981  I am bit by a chipmunk and become "The girl who isn't afraid to pick up a chipmunk."  I quickly learned that an injured chipmunk will actually lock it's jaw onto your hand and no matter how you try to prepare your mom of the shock of having a chipmunk attached your hand you will not be successful.

Minute 41983   While climbing up a playground slide at a ballpark, my sister decided to go down the slide.  This caused "The Incident" that we still refer to at parties and resulted in me getting 12 stitches in my chin.  The best part of "The Incident" was that my mom was not at the ballpark and my dad was umpiring behind home plate. 

Minute 5:  1984  I recieve an award for the "Worst Junior High HairDo" and "Largest Glasses Ever Seen."

Minute 6: 1984  I am tortured relentlessly because of the commercial created by my namesake resturaunt.  Instead of "Where's the Beef"  the halls ring out "Where's the boobs." 

Minute 7:  1985  I become the only girl still wearing an undershirt to school and begin to wonder if my breast will ever arrive.

Minute 8: 1986  High school begins and thus starts my four year career as class clown.  Voted most likely to make someone laugh.  It was probably my hair.

Minute 9:  1986  I become the person who became intimately involved with the bus driver

Minute 10:  1987  I become the most popular kid in high school for a nano second after cutting the hair of the most annoying person in the building.  In my defense, I warned her.  I told her if she flung it in my face one more time I was cutting it off.  I had no other choice.  The principal did not side with me and I spent the next three days in ISS.

Minute :  1989  I become the 1000th person asked to leave Mrs. Yocka's typing class for "Attire Unbecoming a Secretary"  For the life of me I cannot remember what I was wearing.

Minute 10:  1990  I become the only person in the high school to spend more time in the art room than any other room in the building.
 Minute 11:  1996  I sing a duet with my sister at my wedding of the Reba McEntire/Linda Davis classic "Does He Love You."  Because as we all know, nothing says Happy Wedding like songs about cheating.
Minute 12:  1997  I quit my job and actually storm out of a law office with gusto.  To this day I would rather work as a maid than work for lawyers.
Minute 13:  1999  I become a mom.  Oldest G. is born.
Minute 14:  2001  The miracle happens again and I am blessed with another daughter.
Minute 15:  2003  My family is complete when my son is born.
I am sure your mouth is hanging wide open in awe at the amazing wonders my life contains.

6 random thoughts:

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! Your wedding duet song literally made me laugh out loud. Yep nothing say I love you more than a song about cheating at a wedding! Hilarious!

cjsjaksmom said...

OMG. Griffin looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Amanda said...

I don't know about awe but I was sure busy laughing (in sympathy)! Thanks. :)

septembermom said...

The "where's the boobs" comment must have hurt. This was a funny post. I had those big glasses too, I think :)

Kristie Maynard said...

I haven't checked out the link to the other blog, but I love this post!

Jenners said...

This was so fun!!! I mean, you could have just posted the photos and gotten a ton of laughs!! HAHA! And the cheating duet at a wedding? Classic. But I must admit that the photos were just cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!

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