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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Drama of the Pinewood Derby

As I am sure other mother's can attest, daughters come with a lot of drama.  It is often hard for me to keep track of who is friends with who, who is (gasp) "dating" who, and who is texting who.  Baring in mind that my oldest is only 12!  UGH.  More good times to come.

That being said, I spent 4.5 hours on Saturday at the Pinewood Derby.  Male Drama.

The "boys" spent hours on their cars.  Of course, we know that the dads (or the scout leaders or an occasional mom) did most of the work.  My son was uncertain about the entire event.  He's not real certain about boy scouts yet.

But once he saw the track and kind of understood the concept of what was about to happen, I think he got a little bit excited.

My hubby told me that they would be racing a least four times.  Why?  I asked.   I thought it would be the Tigers racing the tigers, the wolves racing the wolves and so on and so on.  Nope.  Each kid randomly races whoever they randomly race. 

For example, Little G had to race a bunch of older kids in his first race.  Their cars were a little more elaborate, but still weighed 5 ounces or less.  That's the rule.

He came in dead last.

The idea behind the four "heats" is that each boy scout will then have the opportunity to race in each lane.  That way no one can say "I lost because I was in the slow lane."

Little G. was dead last in his second heat. 

He started to notice.

After two hours of this I was starting to feel the need for medication.

When Little G. was again dead last in his third heat, I actually considered taking him home, though I think my husband would have been heartbroken.

On the way to the bathroom, I told Little G to hurry because he didn't want to miss his last race and he said, "I'm pretty sure I know what's going to happen."  I understand that someone has to come in last but I was really starting to pray for 3rd.  Just one 3rd place.  Does that seem like a lot to ask?

Apparently, because he came in last again.

Then to add insult to injury they put in in the bronze cup race.  This race was against some siblings of some scouts.  Some girls.  Their cars were shaped like flowers.  Little G. came is last again. 

He started to cry.

He's seven.

He lost five times in a row. 

I don't really like the Pinewood Derby.

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I had a boy scout troop for several yrs...I remember the derby drama...I always thought boys would be drama free, I learned quickly I was ;)

Kristie Maynard said...

My son wasn't in Boy Scouts, so thankfully I didn't have to deal with this drama.
It is so hard for little ones, because EVERYTHING is a big deal and there's no telling them any different. All you can do is give him some lovin'

Jenners said...

Asses. This is tough. Though I must admit I have no idea what a Pinewood derby is.

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