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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lessons from the Lunchlady: Don't Be FOOLing around

This week, like most weeks in the cafeteria, was quite the adventure.  It was filled with a little laughter, a touch of blood and a lot of grass.

Here's what I learned:
  • GRASS.  Serving a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing to children 9 and under isn't a good idea.  You will be peppered with questions like "What is the grass for?"  and "Do you think we are animals?"  and "Why would anyone eat leafs?"
  • TRASH BELONGS IN THE TRASH.  Seems logical yet nearly every day straw papers are discarded and thrown on the floor, spoons are dropped and not picked up, and this week someone left a bloody tissue in the line.  After that, my co-worker decided to remind the 2nd graders where their trash belongs.
  • COLOR BLENDING HAIRNETS.  I would be remiss, if I didn't mention that I learned this week that hairnets are available in colors that match your hair shade.  Who knew?  And who cares?  Apparently the sub that filled in for me whilst I was on my field trip cared.  It's mind boggling to me that a sub would care that much.
  • THE COUNT.  Everyday we get a count.  Everyday it tells us how many kids are getting hot lunch, how many kids are getting PB&J and how many kids are getting alternate.   Knowing this is supposed to help us and keep us from wasting food.  Everyday, as the kids are coming through the line, they change their mind.  It's actually becoming rather comical.  It's a good thing I don't eat much processed food.  At least we always have some extra.
  • BEING ABLE TO COUNT.  The above count means little to nothing if you can't count.  This week I managed to make 30 extra bag lunches and nearly 50 more than needed servings of fish nuggets.  At least I realized my error before we actually baked the nuggets.  Personally, I'm blaming it on the cold medicine I took, but I have my doubts.
  • APRIL FOOLS.  Elementary kids love April Fools Day.  I told a handful of 1st graders that we ran out of lunch today and that all I had to offer was saltines and cheese sticks.  Their faces were priceless!  April Fools!
What did you learn this week?

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Kristie Maynard said...

I learned that I can still pull one over on my kids on April Fools Day. First I told Kelsie that I was sick and she got all upset for me breathing near her. Ha ha ha. Then I told her that we were supposed to get a huge snow storm this weekend, a stay in the house all weekend kind. Then I called Jaryd when I was going to pick him up at work and told him my car wasn't working and he'd have to find another way home. After I heard him asking the gal he works with if she could give him a ride, I laughed and laughed. When I drove up I was still laughing. Ha ha got him!!! Even so he was a sweetie and took me out to dinner tonight!

Anonymous said...

the salad sounds sooooooooooo good:) and MY sister must be a elementary school student cause she went nuts this yr with the april fools jokes...thank gawwwd it's only one day, right:)

Jenners said...

That salad sounds good to me but I could see it being a bomb with the grade school kids. And I bet it was a kick to pull those jokes on the kids.

septembermom said...

They love a good joke in elementary school. I can imagine their little faces. Funny about those question about "grass." I think you may have a good book here with all these anecdotes!

TortugaRachel said...

OMG that woulda been awesome to see their faces! Good on ya for pranking them!!

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