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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My oldest daughter is scared of her own shadow

So oldest is scared of EVERYTHING!

She likes to read Harry Potter and Charlie Bones.  But as soon as the dark arrives she turns into a wee baby afraid of everything.

Last night it was werewolves.

The night before it was vampires.

The night before that I found her nearly 12 year old body sleeping on the floor by my bed.

Any suggestions?  Any ideas?  I can restrict her reading list, but I doubt that will help.  I already limit her movies.  I suppose she is gonna grow out of it but until then I'm not sure when.

Do you have a child that is a scaredy cat?  If so what do you do?

3 random thoughts:

Dan said...

Not really a scaredy cat, but some odd phobias from time to time. The son went through a phase of absolute terror of public restrooms - that didn't fade until he was old enough to want to travel around on his own and found that didn't work real well if you wouldn't use other bathrooms. {*grin*}

Jenners said...

Well, I used to be that kid! I bet she has a really good imagination and can freak herself out pretty good! I do think you probably have to limit the type of stuff she reads/watches before bedtime. It can affect your thoughts!

Good luck! I'm sure she'll grow out of it at one point.

septembermom said...

I know that I have to be careful with what I see on TV before I go to bed. I'm still scared of vampires. My fear since I was 6. Not very rational I know. She looks very cute in that pic.

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