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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update: Happy Halloween

Here's hoping you had a spooktacular weekend filled with as much fun as we did.

Friday night we finally carved our jack-o-lanterns.  I think the kids did a nice job.  If you would have seen the rough draft and then the final product you would have seen a few modifications but for the most part the pumpkins stayed true to their design.

My husband was disappointed because he apparently want to make a hockey player pumpkin and his wife forgot to get him his own pumpkin.

There's always next year.

It was old school trick-or-treat in our neighbor hood.  We had to layer up as it was down right cold.  In the 30s.  We haven't had a Halloween that cold in quite sometime.

Also happening this weekend was my niece's birthday.  We couldn't stay for the entire event because TorTing was much more enticing to my kids.  E seemed to like our present.

I'm including this picture just because it makes me laugh.  Little G was so grossed out by the pumpkin slim.  He was ten times worse than the girls.  He wanted to wash his hands ever time he touched his pumpkin so I thought it was fitting to make it vomiting a little.

Middle G.  got a lot more soccer playing time this week.  That's about all I'm allowed to say about that.

Friends of ours came over to go trick or treating with us.  R is dressed like a bearded woman and C is dressed like a woman.  They were a freak show couple and I couldn't stop laughing at them the entire evening. 

After Trick or Treating we had a bon fire at the neighbors.  It was a lot of fun so we decided to do it again last night at a different house.  Again, a lot of fun.

Lastly, bearing in mind that my photos are outrageously out of order and that I'm not taking the time to fix them.  We also got to see our niece play soccer on Saturday, which was a lot of fun though I had just warmed up from our soccer game and didn't really want to sit outside again.

What did you do this weekend?

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I partied as a dead pirate this weekend,,,great fun;)

your weekend looks to be a awesome one

hugs friend

Anonymous said...

Halloween is so fun...your kids seemed to have enjoyed it ....brilliant;)

Happy walker said...

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Jenners said...

We pretty much had a similar weekend ... trick-or-treating and soccer. It wasn't quite as cold though!

Gina said...

Those jack-o-lanterns are adorable. Absolutely adorable.

Becca said...

Sounds like you all had such a great weekend, cold but great! The kids look cute in their costumes. TOO funny about the pumpkin slime. He seems like such a great little guy!

So glad Middle G got to play some this week!

septembermom said...

Your friends' costumes are hilarious! The kids look great. Glad that everyone had a good time.

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