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Friday, October 29, 2010

What I learned in the cafeteria this week

This week in the cafeteria I learned ALOT.

~Kids will say the darndest things. This week I heard one 2nd grader say to another 2nd grader "Hello my brother from another mother."  An aide was also asked by one kindergartner if she would move another kindergartner to a different table because "he has willy smelly bref."

~I don't care what the naked chef says freeze dried mashed potatoes rock.  At school we get these tiny little kernels of mashed potatoes in a bag.  You add water and in minutes you have mashed potatoes.  These aren't the flakes...these are magic mashed potato balls.

~It's my stem.  This was a phrase I said over and over on the day I decided to wear a jack-o-lantern shirt and a "stem" on my head. 

~Drop a tray day.  This week seemed like it was drop a tray day everyday.  I think we are going to have to start adding at least an extra five into the daily count to make up for the "Oh nos" and the "Ought ohs..."

~Kids know how to cheer you up.  Even on days when you think everyone around you SUCKS.  Little kids (and co-workers who care) can really cheer you up.

What did you learn this week?

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

It's my stem...hahahah you know how to cheer us up my friend ;)


Anonymous said...

I've always said, we teach our children, but it looks like they may teach us a thing or two as

Gina said...

I agree completely about kids cheering you up. There's nothing like working at an elementary school, right?

Jenners said...

I'd just die laughing if I heard that "brother from another mother." Glad the kids could cheer you up!

septembermom said...

It's great that the kids know how to keep you smiling :) It's a tough job, but you give so much to those lucky kids.

I love "it's my stem."

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