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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Update: Weddings

As promised, here's my hippie picture. I think I may have missed my calling.
After our soccer game we drove about two hours for a family wedding. My husband's cousin got married in the mountains near this beautiful lake. The setting was gorgeous.

Don't we clean up nice?

6 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

why yes, y'all clean up beautifully;) and the hippie in you looks awesome;)

Anonymous said...

PEACE:) way to be hippie;)

Jenners said...

Amazing how you can morph from hippie to suburban mom in just one post!

And that soccer coach sounds horrible. UGh.

Anonymous said...

Does your kids' league not have rules about that? I know our league requires that each kid get to play at least half the time. I am forever swapping kids in and out to give them breaks and make sure everyone spends equal time on and off the field. Of course, I'm also the coach that believes the least skilled kid should be on the field the most because it's a great way to learn!

Kristie Maynard said...

We had a wedding this weekend too. My nephew got married in Allegany State Park in South-western New York State. The weather cooperated and it was in the mid 60s. The colors were past peak, but still beautiful. It was a gorgeous weekend for a wedding!

Becca said...

Great family picture! You make one great hippie too!

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