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Monday, August 9, 2010

Eight Nine Ten....Weekend update.

8/9/10 isn't today's date so cool.

Okay...enough about that. Here's the weekend update.

We traveled west for the ALS walk. It was a beautiful day. We raised some money in honor of my Aunt who passed away from this terrible disease and we got to visit with each other for a little while.

I think my Aunt Lee would have been happy about that.

I was disappointed that my mother couldn't come but she had to work. Hey mom, if you are reading this, it's always the first Saturday in August and has been for the last five years. Request off for it next year.

This is a picture of me (in the middle) my grandma and my aunt. Of course, two of my kiddos who just can't resist the camera are also in the picture. Don't we look cool in our tye dye?

Here we are at the start of the walk. All of the people in tye dye walked with our team. I think we had about 50.

This is the back of my gram and Aunt's shirt. They are all the same. The reason we walk-for Lee and for everyone affected by ALS.
The rest of the weekend was spent debating on whether or not we should buy a van. Ugh. It gives me a headache just typing about it.
My dad, although he knew I was coming in over the weekend, made plans with his new family. I know i shouldn't feel that way about my stepmother's children and grandchildren, but I do. He sees them much more often than he sees me or my kids and it seemed especially hurtful that he would take his step-grandchildren to the movies instead of getting together with his biological grandchildren.
But I am learning to let it go.
If my mom chooses not to take the day off to attend a walk that benefits her deceased sister that's okay. If my dad, goes to the movies with my stepbrother's kids instead of mine that too is okay. My kids didn't know. My kids didn't ask. The only person who was even a bit bothered by it all was me. And I am learning to let it go.
The more I let go, the less it hurts.

6 random thoughts:

Becca said...

50? What a great team walking for your aunt! I'm sorry neither of your parents took the time over the weekend. :(

septembermom said...

Love seeing you smiling as march arm in arm. Wonderful.

Scattered Scrapper said...

What a beautiful honor. Letting go is so hard..just remember, it is them not you who will have regrets. Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience and great cause! Way to go!

Jenners said...

Oh ... that is cool about the date. I didn't even notice.

Love your shirts!! Looks great. And ALS is such a horrible disease. We had a friend who lost a brother to it and it was so tragic. Just a steady downhill decline ... and so fast too. Cruel.

And I can see how hurtful your parents are ... but, in the long run, it is for the best to just let it go. My guess is that it will never change so why let it ruin your life?

I'm His Kid said...

God Bless You!!! Follow me back to My Heart's Desire.

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