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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A day late and a dollar short

Seems my days are getting shorter. I can't accomplish everything I want to do in a 24 hour period.

Today I'm posting the post I promised for yesterday and tomorrow I'm going to try and recap lunch lady training for you all. It wasn't terrible and it did make me think about a couple of things, including how often I heard the word meat alternate. The lunch was scrumptious. But more about that tomorrow.

Here's the new van...

I'm still getting used to driving it. All the buttons are different and it has more gadgets, but I'm loving it. I just need to cut out some turtles to put on the back.

And here is that picture of my nephew I promised you.

He's pretty cute, isn't he?

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

love the van color;) the look on his face is priceless, the same one I have when I see cake, lol

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

Jenners said...

Sweet ride! (And only another mother could say that about a minivan.)

And your nephew is a cutie patootie!

septembermom said...

Like it! Your nephew is adorable :)

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