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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Avoid Suckation 2010

I'm guest posting over at Turtle Droppings today while Tortuga is off enjoying some blog free time.

Inspired by this post about my SUCKATION last year I decided to write up a post about how you (and hopefully I) can avoid another disaster this year.

We leave for camp on the 7th.

However, I have made some preemptive moves to avoid a similar disaster.

  • The dog is not invited.
  • We are not camping in a tent; we are camping in a cottage.
  • I am bring at least two bottles of wine.

Here's hoping Tortuga is having a wonderful time. Be sure to visit her and leave us both a comment, will ya.

They're like crack....we need them.

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I say the more wine you bring the better ;)

Dan said...

Let the kids have the tent - grownups need a real bed. {*grin*}

I don't know, I might take the dog and leave the kids at home. Definitely quieter!

septembermom said...

No tent is a very good start. The wine can only help :)

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