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Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Update

Our weekend flew by. I can't believe that Monday is near over already. It started out with Middle G. sneaking in to my room around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and dressing up my foot. Yep...that's a picture of my heel.

Then Little G. got a rash. A rash that started small and traveled down his arms, around to his back and finally down to his legs. I have seen a lot of rashes but none quite like this one. He had no fever. He had no other symptoms.
So I took him to swim lesson.
And I took him to a birthday party.
The doctor (over the phone) said that it was likely an allergic reaction or a virus. Either way he wasn't contagious. And she wouldn't need to see him unless it lasted for three or more days. Which is unlikely. She said. Very unlikely.

So we went to T-Ball. It was our first game. It was HOT. Near 80 degrees and my kid wears navy blue. Like I said it was hot. I made a lot of friends (insert sarcasm font here) because my child was not only covered in rash but I handed out concession stand schedules to all parents.
I thought since next Sunday is Mother's Day it would be nice for the dad's to work the concession stand. This went over very well. (insert sarcasm font here).
Personally, I don't care. It's 45 minutes for one game and it's 50 cent sodas and soft pretzels. I'm sure the dad's can handle it.

The rash didn't go away today so I wasted some money on a co-pay. Mostly so people would stop giving me that look like I was bringing a big pile of something to share with their kids.
Guess what? It's viral. He's not contagious. It will most likely go away by Friday. Or it will turn purple. In that case I need to take him back.
Here's hoping their guess...I mean right this time.
Tomorrow I will be posting about our latest swim lesson adventure. It may be time for us to find a new place to learn to swim.

7 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

he heal pic made me here is praying it doesnt turn purple;)

Janis said...

OH.... I forgot to metion.... LOVE THE FOOT peep!

Janis said...

I LOVE YOUR POSTS (no sarcasm here!) You make me smile. Your life is an adventure. I love your attitude. You have mastered what I tried to teach my children when they were young and got their feelings hurt, in middle school and felt awkward, in high school and in DRAMA (not the class), etc. "Push away the bad, breathe in the good." I would make them say it with me and do motions. They hated it. But by the 3rd time in a row, there was always a smile on their face and lots of time giggles and laughter. You have mastered it without my guidance. You're so wise. :)

Becca said...

First off... your foot looked hilarious! How creative!

Secondly, that rash is terrible looking. I am really glad that it wasn't bothering him though! I hope it all clears up quickly!

Enfys said...

I feel your pain! We once went on holiday to France, on the ferry over, people were gathering their children to their arms with a look of horror on their faces as she passed - she was in the last stages of chicken pox. Not infectious, but we felt we should have given her a little bell to ring, and trained her to yell 'unclean, unclean' as she romped around. Hope the rash is better soon

Dan said...

Here's to a distinct lack of purple in the coming days.

septembermom said...

Do you remember how I somehow got scarlet fever last year? Those mystery rashes do pop up. Hope your little guy feels better very soon.

The foot pic is great.

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