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Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update: Where the hell is spring?

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Ours was a little on the chilly side, but still very enjoyable. Above is a picture of my kids by my Mother's Day tree. I take their pic by this maple every year.
Saturday was filled with activities that included those dreaded swim lessons, birthday parties and a much needed trip to the grocery store.
Sunday my kids were dying to give me their presents. Along with many cute homemade gifts that included cards and poems and one shattered plaster hand print that Little G thought would be safe in his backpack I got my very own DSi.
To say I was surprised is an understatement. Of course, once it was unwrapped the kids were begging to play with it.
After church and lunch at Chipotle's, we froze our butts off at a t-ball game. Where did spring go? And when will it make it's triumphant return?

Look at how close he is to hitting this one? Out of the three times he was at bat he hit the ball twice with no T! I was so excited for him.
Today, after delaying as long as I could, I finally relented and shaved Little G's head. I asked him why he loves it so much and he said, "Because I like it when it's fuzzy." He cannot stop touching it. And neither can I.
How was your Mother's Day weekend?

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

good question, what happened to

Hey I shave my head too...ok, so not so much shave as just dont have hair, but ya know, its all short and ;)

Jenners said...

No kidding .... where IS spring??? I'm freezing over here!

And I love fuzzy boy heads!

And did you get one of the new DSi XLs with the super big screen????

Anonymous said...

Haha! My son has me shave his head and then walks around rubbing it, muttering "fuzzy, fuzzy". I hafta admit, I think it's cute!

Becca said...

He looks so much older with his hair buzzed! Such a cutie! Yay for doing so well at the tball game too!

Sounds like you really made out of Mother's Day!

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