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Thursday, May 13, 2010

LOST: Across the Sea

This week's episode gave us some insight on the Man In Black and his brother Jacob. I was impressed that the writers were able to write the entire episode without once giving him a name. Interesting.

Do you think his name will be revealed in the finale?

The light and dark was present throughout the episode. The boys very pregnant mother shipwrecks onto the island and is befriended by a not-so-nice woman. This woman helps deliver Jacob and the MIB. Then she promptly kills her...but first she apologizes.

Jacob is wrapped in a lovely white blanket. MIB in a dark brownish/black blanket. From the beginning it is clear that the woman favors the MIB. He questions things more. He seeks answers. Jacob is clearly a follower. One who believes without question.

Is this a hint? I do not know.

The woman represents herself as their mother. She shows them a light in the center of the island that represents all that is good, all that is evil, all that is. She tells them that one of them must protect it.

Man arrives at the island. The MIB has a visit from his deceased mother. He learns the truth. He leaves his camp and joins up with the others.

Jacob stays behind.

He wants to please her. He knows that he is not favored. He knows she wishes that the MIB would return.

Throughout the episode they are playing a game similar to backgammon. Jacob always the white player, MIB always the dark player.

When MIB figures out a way to leave the island, crazy mom returns. She tells him that she is there only to say goodbye and then lays him out flat. She goes all Anikan Skywalker on his people. Killing all of them.

She knows that her time is limited and that MIB will come after her. She tells Jacob he must take over the protection of the island. They share a glass of wine, which was slightly odd.

MIB shows up at camp and kills her.

Jacob and MIB fight. He throws him into the river and through the tunnel of light. Jacob releases the smoke monster.

Thinking his mother and brother are both dead he buries them in the cave that our Losties found in one of the very first episode.

"Our very own Adam and Eve."

mmmm.....this is getting interesting.

Your thoughts?

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I just keep hoping beyond hope that they will somehow do a few mini movies or something after it is all over??? wishful thinking? :(

SparkleFarkle said...

I can't wait until I am able to come back and actually read all your Lost blogs! For now, I just read the titles and know that I am in for something big,BIG, BIG, as my daughter, Puppet, and I are presently in a mad dash to catch up: we're up to episode 4 of season four of the show, and will continue to marathon until the Lost finale night. It's great! We get little, if any sleep (I've had to set aside my blogging, too.) and we only eat TV dinners, which we crazily pretend is airline food! Lost is such an incredible series; we're definitely going to be lost without it!

Jenny Girl said...

Goes all Anakin Skywalker....LOVE it! and perfect description.
I liked the episode and think the glass of wine was like a cup of the covenent. A promise to protect the island, apparently at all costs. Good write up.

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