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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST: The last recruit

This week on Lost....

Jack and Flocke have a man to

Sun visits the only hospital in L.A.

John visits the only hospital in L.A.

We learn that the depth of wells can be deceiving.

Sawyer can sail a boat.

We learn that boat sailing is sexy.

Ilana is a lawyer? WTF?

We learn that Lost writers love Star Wars.

Shortly after Hurley, LePenis, Sun and Jack arrive at Camp Smokey, Flocke says to Jack that they need to chat.

After getting approval from Hurley (what was that all about), Jack and Flocke do just that.

"You look pretty good for being dead," said Jack.

"Thanks," said Flocke. "I like this body better than that of your fathers. It's younger and it lets me show off the cool scar by my eye. Plus I don't have to wear those stupid white sneakers anymore."

"Don't mock my father, Flocke."

Flocke tells him he is so happy to see him that he could just spit. After all, if Camp Smokey is going to leave the island they must go together.

"Live together, die alone."

After returning to camp, he gets cornered by crazy in the flesh, Claire.

She wants to know what made him decide to join up with Flocke. He tells her he's not sure where he stands. She reminds him that like it or not he is now on the dark side. After all, he let Flocke speak to him.

Meanwhile, back in the tiny village of L.A.

John is fighting for his life in an ambulance racing towards the only hospital around. The one Jack works at.

Sun is also on her way to that very hospital.

Jack is not there. He is at the will reading of his father with his non-existent son.

Who is his lawyer? Ilana. Remember her? She blew herself up with dynamite last week. This week she's stumbling onto Jack's sister and blowing him up. Metaphorically. And she really didn't stumble onto Claire, Desmond kind of pushed her there.
On a personal note I found the idea of Ilana as a lawyer one of the most unbelievable twists in Lost history. That's saying a lot since I'm okay with polar bears and time travel.

Anyway, just as Jack learns that he has a sister and that he isn't going to get all of his daddy's fortune his phone rings and he is off to save one or all of the Losties again.

Meanwhile, no matter the time zone, Sexy...I mean Sayid, is unlikely to survive. Let's face it people--he's soulless in both versions. There's a little foreshadowing going on here.

In LA, he is fleeing from the scene of a quadruple murder and being apprehended by the only police officer in that same small village.

That's right...Sawyer.

Poor Naydia. She can't catch a break. Piece of advise: Both brothers are nothing but trouble. Take the kids and go far far away.

Back on the island at Camp Smokey, Sarah Palin shows up and explains how she can see Alaska from the beach. No one has a clue what she is talking about and then she calls for back up.

A bomb goes off.

She demands the return of Desmond by midnight or the next time she won't miss.

Flocke tells Sayid to go and kill him.


You have to admit that Desmond is having a bad day. He was kidnapped, drugged, magnetized, demagnetized and then thrown down the shallowest well in the history of well digging.

Now he is about to be shot by a soulless Iranian.

"Why, brother? What have you been promised in return."

"Nadia. I will be with Nadia again."

"And what will you tell her? When she asks what you have done to be with her again, what will you tell her?
Oh how I wish we could have heard the answer.

Back in LA

Sun, Jin and the baby are fine.
Jack is operating on John. Will he walk again or will he die? Doesn't he have to die in both time lines? What are your thoughts?

On the island:

Sawyer, Jack, Kate, LePenis and Sun take Flocke's sailboat and head to Hydra island. They are going to steal Whitmore's sub. Jack gets cold feet and jumps ship. He swims to shore and finds Flocke. Then the bombs start going off again. He is out of sorts.

Sawyer and his crew are detained by Palin and the secret service.  Jin and Sun are reunited. I would say more about this but the entire reunion was so anti climatic that it isn't really even worth mentioning.
It looks like they may all be executed...but I have my doubts.
Best lines of the night:

After the first bomb exploded at Camp Smokey Claire said to Hurley "What's going on?" His response..."People trying to kill us again."

Sawyer telling Jack who is invited on his cruise line. "You know, the pilot. The one who looks like he belongs on the set of a Burt Reynolds movie."
Only four more episodes remain.

5 random thoughts:

Steven Anthony said...

ONLY four more:( I still cant believe it, I havent been this upset since david tennet left as doctor who:( but I LOVE your post.

septembermom said...

So I ask myself, do I come here strictly for the Lost recaps or do I want to see pics of handsome guys?? I'll ponder this for awhile.

Becca said...

I can't believe there is only 4 more episodes! It's all starting to come together! HA! I agree with septembermom! Sawyer is the whole reason I watch that show!

InkHearts said...

Ok, now that I have been out of the loop for a couple of seasons, WTH!?!?!?! and who is LePenis? Should I be scared to ask? LOL

Word of the day: WOTHAYA, question asked by redneck concerning your profession.

InkHearts said...

Ok, I just HAD to comment again...the word verification word popped up again as "cologerm..." How can you resist THAT? LOL C'mon! give me a definition for that!

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