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Friday, April 16, 2010

LOST - Everybody Loves Hugo

I was very excited about this episode as, like the title eludes, I love Hugo. I think most Losties too. He is an unlikely hero and I have high expectations for him as this show nears its conclusion.

On the island, Richard and Ilana are in a sort of power struggle and grasping at straws.

Richard: "How do you kill smoke?"
Ilana: "Dynamite. That kills everything."
Richard: "True. And I know a ship that has been on this island since the late 1800s that is loaded with dynamite. It still works because this is not likely to solve any of our problems."
Ilana: "Let's go get some."
Richard: "Where will we put it?"
Ilana: "I will just shove it down into my backpack. We'll trek it through the forest and blow up that plane. That way even if we don't kill smokey we will successfully trap us all on this island until the end of time."
Richard: "This is a good idea. Especially the part about you carrying the dynamite."

Any guess who blew up in mid sentence? Go ahead...shout out the answer when you know.

Meanwhile, back in LA. Hugo is a gazzilionaire with a heart. Yep. You heard that right. He is not only The Mr. Cluck Chicken he is the man of the year, the person of the year and the bachelor of the year.

His mama is proud of everything except the bachelor part. She fixes him up on a blind date.

She doesn't show. But guess who does. That's right. LIBBY! Sweet! I love Hugo and I love Libby. This has to be great. Wrong. She's in the mental hospital that Hugo used to be in. She was apparently on an outing and her doctor lost track of her.

Before she is carted away, she tells Hugo that they are soul mates. That they were in a plane crash together. That they liked each other. He likes her but can't get over the fact that she is loony. Or so he thinks.

Richard is pissed that Ilana blew up the only dynamite they had and he wants to get more. Jack says, "Maybe she blew it up to show us not to mess with dynamite." Jack does have a doctorate degree. He may be on to something.

Michael appears to Hugo and tells him that they must not destroy the plane. That he must convince everyone to go and talk to Flocke.

Meanwhile, Flocke is getting to know Desmond whom Sayid captured and tied to a tree. While he was there "rescuing" Desmond he didn't bother to bring back Jin.

Flocke wants to know all about the experiment that Desmond was involved in and why Chuck brought him back to the island. Desmond seems to be on Xanax and says, "I have no idea, brother."

Flocke takes him to a well in the middle of nowhere and throws him in. In the Bible, Jacob had a son named Joseph. He wore a coat of many colors. In the Veggie Tale version, he is a pickle and his brother's are peas. They throw Joseph down a well. Things end up better for Joseph than all of his brother--just sayin...

Back in LA: Desmond shows up and talks to Hugo. He says, "What's the matter, brother?" Hugo tells him that he met a nice woman but that she is crazy. Like really crazy...he saw the van and everything.

Desmond tells him not to give up. Hugo go to the hospital and makes a huge donation and visits with Libby. She tells him again that they are soul mates. He asks her out on a date. They finally have their picnic on the beach. You know the one Michael so jacked up when he MURDERED Libby!!!

When she kisses him he sees their life on the island.

He is remembering.

Back on the island:

Hurley blows up the black rock. No more dynamite. No more problem. Richard is pissed. He is going to look for some more elsewhere. Ben and Miles go with him.

Hurley convinces the rest of them, mute Sun, Jack and LePenis, to go with him to talk to Flocke. Hurley is scared. Jack is thinking about Kate. Sun wants to see Jin but will have to wait until the finale and LePenis can't believe that he hasn't blown up yet.

Back in LA.

Desmond is sitting in a car outside of a school. Ben thinks he looks creepy. That's kind of funny, isn't it? He tells him to move along. Desmond says, "Okay, brother."
He speeds out of the parking lot and runs over Locke at full throttle. It was impressive.
Fade to black. Until next week....

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

everyone does love Hugo...and I LOVE your lost post;)

Becca said...

I really love your recaps! My husband even reads them now too!

Jenny Girl said...

Was surprised that Iliana blew up, and about Desmond running Flocke over. However, since Desmond straddles both timelines, it makes sense. But will it affect the island people? hmmmm

Excellent write up

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