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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST: Sundown

Last night's episode was full of Sayid and any episode featuring him is bound to include a lot of death.  This episode definitely qualified.  In fact, if you hadn't appeared in a least five episode you were pretty much a goner.

We open with Sayid going to visit sweet Nadia only to find her children are calling him uncle.  WTF?  Out walks Omar looking like he's about to kill Sayid and says "Thanks for the flowers."

Sideways world is starting to suck for Sayid.  The love of his life is married to his brother.  UGH.

We learn that Omar is not good with money and some bad people want to kill him.  I don't know about you but I was secretly hoping that those bad people would take him out and Sayid would be left to comfort Nadia...but alas this is LOST and that ain't never gonna happen.

Omar does end up in the hospital and for a brief moment I thought Sayid and Nadia were going to rekindle days of past but instead he explains to her that she is too good for him and he pushed her to be with his brother because he is repenting for his torturous ways.  He doesn't deserve her. 

Heartbreaking, but the line was a little too cheesy for me.  It would have played better at a final rose ceremony.

Omar's cronies pick up Sayid and attempt to cook him breakfast.  Who is the man behind the sunny side up eggs?...Keamy...Martin Keamy. OMG  It appears that no matter what time zone we are in he is an ass.

Keamy is putting the squeeze on Sayid apparently unfamiliar with his background.  In a flash, Sayid says "I not interested in hearing anything else you punks have to say" and kills them all.  ALL. OF. THEM.

After the gun fire dies down we here a muffled cry from the freeze.  Sayid flings open the door and finds Jin.  Bound and gagged and speaking only Korean.

Back on the island, Claire knocks on the door and enters the temple.  Seriously, I thought she needed to use the secret passage way.

Claire is all like "Where's my baby and that odd Chinese guy?"

John Lennon says "We don't have your baby and I'll fetch Dogen."

Dogen comes out and says "We have a no soliciting sign, please leave."

Claire says "He wants to talk to you."

Dogen says "No" and locks Claire up in the dungeon.

Dogen explained Star Wars to Sayid and told him that everyone has a light side and a dark side and he has gone to the dark side.

Sayid said, "You are not my father.  I am a good man."

Dogen said, "Prove it.  Take this knife and kill the first dead person that tries to talk to you."

Say what?  Isn't that like hitting your child for hitting?  Prove you are good by killing?

Sayid said, "Okay."

Outside the temple gate, Kate decides to join the party and learns that Claire is in the dungeon.  "Miles, this is wonderful news.  Now I can tell the crazy beotch that I have her baby.  She will be so happy.  We will hug and fix each others hair and I will tell her how Aaron calls me mommy!"

Miles just rolls his eyes.

Flocke approaches Sayid and Sayid stabs him.  Flocke doesn't flinch and says "You always plunge a knife into someone before you even say hello."

Sayid and the audience were not expecting that.

Flocke tells Sayid that Dogen is an idiot and that he only sent him out there so that Flocke would kill him.  "I've got a good idea why don't you go back and kill Dogen and I will give you everything you've ever wanted."

Sayid says, "All I've ever wanted died in my arms."

Flocke says, "I can change that."

Say what?

So Sayid goes back and tells all those extras including Cindy and those mute children that Jacob is dead and that they are free.  Go to the beach or stay at the temple and die.  Mass panic ensues.

Sayid finds Dogen in the well water room and explains what happened with his rendezvous with Flocke.

They share a tender moment in which Dogen reveals that in a drunken stupor he accidentally killed his son.  That is when Jacob said come to the island and I will make you son better.  He asked if Flocke promised something similar and what Sayid would do.  Stay or go?

Sayid said stay and then in the most surprising moment of the evening grabbed Dogen and drowned him.

Say what?

John Lennon returns to see this and says "Do you know what you have done.  Dogen was the only thing keeping him out."

Sayid then kills Lennon.

Next we see the smoke monster taking out extras left and right.

Luckily, Sun, LePenis and Ilana all arrive at the temple just as this is going down and Ben rushes off to find Sayid.  Miles is running with Kate when Kate decides to save Claire.  Claire finds Kate rather humorous and tells her she would be safer in the dungeon.

After the smoke clears we know this.

Ilana, LePenis, Sun and Miles all went through the secret passage.

Ben's whereabouts are unknown.

Sayid, Claire and Kate appear to be with Flocke and his growing group of extras which may include Cindy and those creepy mute kids, Emma and Zach.  However, I'm not certain about Sayid.

Ben is missing but in the previews for next week.

Sawyer and Jin are also MIA; as is Jack and Hurley.  One can assume that Jack and Hurley are on their way back to the temple and that Jin is still at Claire's "house".  Sawyer is most likely at the beach waiting for Flocke to return.

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4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

It just keeps getting better with every episode..and what do you think of the way they are re airing the previous episode before the new one, with those little explanation bubbles..i kinda like it;0

Heather J. said...

yeah, there were a lot of say what?! moments in this episode!

Dan said...

And to think that people complain that sci-fi is too convoluted a genre to ever be popular.

septembermom said...

Am I hooked on "Lost" or your blog recaps? I HAVE to watch this show!

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