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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost Recap: Recon

This episode had Sawyer in bed with the enemy...a lot.  Off island Sawyer seems like the same old con-man that we know and love banging a stranger and off to make a "deal" with someone. 

But within the first 10 minutes, we find out that he is a police officer.  Seriously?  This one is a little hard to swallow but I'm kind of glad because I really didn't want him to con Hurley which I thought they were alluding to in the season premiere.

Who's his partner?  Miles "I can talk to dead people" Straume.  This is getting better and better.  Of course, Sawyer still has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of trust issues.  He's still looking for con-man Cooper and is still planning on killing him.

"You killed my father and my mother, prepare to die."

Staume is the most meddlesome partner e-vah.  First he sets him up on a blind date and then he checks his credit.  Whose the date with you ask?  I was sooo hoping for ....


but instead I got


This match seems unlikely.  I mean she is destined to be with Faraday but before you can say pass the salt those too are hot and heavy and she is asking for one of his shirts.  But then she opens the wrong drawer and finds the "Sawyer" x-files and it's over before poor Charolet can get a nose bleed.

Off Island Sawyer comes clean with Miles and tells him he's on a man hunt and has his car slammed into by a fugitive...aka KATE.

Meanwhile back at the Chateau el la Crazyass Claire, Jin is recovering nicely from his bear trap trip and Sawyer is cooking over open flame.  Flocke and lots of extras come strolling out of the woods like it's just another day at the temple killing everyone.

Claire lunges at Kate and I don't know about you but I was hoping she would cut her but Flocke came to the rescue and he and Kate had a tender moment at the beach when he told her all about he crazy mama.  Seriously, why is it always the mom's fault.

"why are you telling me this?" said Kate.

"Because now Aaron has a crazy mama too."

Sawyer is on a go check out the other other other island misson and finds a plane and a bunch of dead people.

and Sarah Palin

Sarah gives him some sad story about being in the woods collecting firewood and coming back to a bunch of dead folks but you know what they can con a con.  Turns out she works for Widmore, as in Charles Widmore.

Sawyer meets up with Chuck in the bottom of a submarine and says I will bring you some Flocke if you get me the f**k out of here.

Chuck says sounds like a plan.

Back on the other other island Flocke says, "what's going on over there?"

Sawyer says, "I told Chuck I'd bring you to him."

Flocke says "I appreciate your honesty and loyalty".  Something Sawyer hasn't ever heard.

At this point I'm thoroughly confused because I truly don't know where Sawyer's loyalty lies.  Then he tells Freckles (aka Kate) that he plans on letting Chuck and Flocke fight it out.  While they are working out their differences he and Katie can take the big yellow submarine and get the flocke out of there.

Next weeks episode:  Richard.  Arrgh, Matey.  That ought to be a good one.

If you have a recap, leave me the link.

4 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

I'm becoming your Lost recap fan! Thanks :)

Tracie said...

Lost completely, for lack of a better word, lost me this season. I may wait and catch up when this one comes out on dvd so I can watch all the eps back to back. My feeble brain can't keep it all straight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you tahnk you tahnk you...I missed this weeks episode, ;so happy you posted;)

Heather J. said...

Thanks for linking up to the LOST Books Blog - and your post is hilarious btw. :)

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