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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Do Over: A chance to live a day again

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December 17, 1993.

Just an ordinary day.  Nothing special.

I was home from college.  My sister was a junior in high school.  My parents still lived together.  We were making Christmas cookies.

My dad was getting flour everywhere.  My mom was telling him that she wasn't gonna clean up any of that mess.  Christmas carols were blasting from the living room stereo.  Laverne and Shirley, our crazy cats were sleeping on the couch, oblivious to the world.

It was simple and it was wonderful.  Those cookies were delicious.

My parents marriage started to crumble shortly after that Christmas. 

I don't remember all four of us ever making cookies again.  I wish I would have know it was the last time.  I wish I would have know that within a few months all hell would break loose.

I wish I would have known how lonely my mom felt.

I wish I would have known how truly sad my dad was.

But neither of them ever said anything.

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

it i so sad when a family breaks up...but what a wonderful memory you have, and no one can take that away from you, ever;)


Jenners said...

I feel for you. It must have been tough to go through that ... and to look back on that last day of "normal."

angie said...

Oh, how sad. I really feel for you and that that was the last time you had to make cookies as a family.

Becca said...

That is just heartbreaking!

By the way, I completely ran out of stamps but just got some more today. As soon as the hubs stops at an ATM and gets some cash, I will send it off to your sister. Sorry it is taking so long.

septembermom said...

That must be tough for you to think about again. It's good that you hold on to the good memories too.

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