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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I learned in the Cafeteria

This week was filled with wild and crazy children and a lot of menu changes.  Here's what I learned:

  • Snow days make elementary children forget everything they have learned.  Including how to walk through the lunch line, how to discard the food on their trays and whether or not they want grape or strawberry PB&J.
  • Sprinkling pears with jello powder is stupid and doesn't make children eat them.  It's especially important to remember to order red jello if you want them to look like "blushing pears."  It's best not to substitute green jello as this only makes them look like moldy pears.
  • Ravioli's aren't very popular but the kids who order them LOVE them.
  • Any changes to the menu, even those neccesitated by a blizzard, will cause mayhem and foolishness.
  • Spiders can live on apples in the middle of winter and they still make me jump.
What did you learn this week?

6 random thoughts:

Steven Anthony said...

I learned how to make pears look this was great as always;)

septembermom said...

I learned that my kids should join the WWE for all the wrestling that goes on in my house. I'm tired of refereeing.

Spiders will always make me jump.

SparkleFarkle said...

WOW! Thank you for the warning about apple spiders. Who knew?! From now on, I will keep my peepers open at home by the fruit bowl AND while shopping the produce section of the super market. EW! Duble EW! The thought of spiders riding the rosey shakes me! All this while, I thought it was only worms we had to watch out for. I wonder if Snow White was aware of this eight-legged, dangerous situation...? Thanks, again, for the heads up!

Gina said...

We had some menu changes at our school because of snow days and you'd think the world was coming to an end.

Dan said...

What, no banana spiders? How sad.

I always thought the lunch ladies were fearless when I was in school. After all, they spent all day with the mystery meat without ill effect.

Jenners said...

The more I read about the cafeteria, the more I think my son will be a brown bagger!

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