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Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Update: On the mend and things I am thankful for

I'm not at work today. Don't worry it's alright, after all it's hamburger helper day. (insert gag) Middle G is on the mend. She has been fever free for 24 hours but she is still coughing like a seasoned smoker. It keeps her (and I) up at night so I thought she could use another day of rest.

Her response "I'm sooooooo bored."

Can you imagine if our children ever really were bored. They're brains would melt.

Anyway, I thought I would share this pathetic photo with you. At the pediatrician's there are giant signs that if your child has a cough and/or a fever they must wear a mask, a.k.a. swine flu. There are no books, not toys and easy to wipe down chairs in the waiting room.

Middle G had to wear the mask.

Of course, it was pneumonia and not swine flu, but she was excited that she got to bring the little germ carrier home with her.
Saturday she started to complain of chest pains so I had the doctor paged. I'm like that. He wanted to listen to her again so we were back over at the office Saturday afternoon. He sent us to the hospital for a chest x-ray but the x-ray didn't look too bad. He felt confident that we would be feeling better by Monday and he's supposed to call me today to check on her.
I'm thinking she most likely won't need anymore meds as her fever has finally subsided and she is active again.
That being said and with Thanksgiving around the corner I thought I would list some things I am thankful for.
  • family: Both immediate and extended. There really is no one quite like you (and I mean that in the most friendliest of ways). Family sees you at your happiest, they see you at your saddest. They offer a hand, they tell you when you've crossed a line. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • Friends: I still think that a gaggle of close women is better than any therapist. People you look forward to seeing. People you can't wait to talk to, whether the news is good or bad. People who know when you need to get drunk, or shop, or just hang.
  • bathtubs filled with bubbles: This one is self-explanatory. For me, a long hot steamy bubble bath is just about as good a sex.
  • My craft room: It's just four walls, covered in polka-dots with just about every craft gadget you can think of. It's a little piece of heaven on earth.
  • Peanut butter cups: If I don't stop eating the ones the kids got from trick-or-treating, my ass will soon be showing up on the local radar. There's a disturbance in the northern part of the appears to be Wendy's ass. Onlookers are advised to seek cover. Film at 11 p.m.
  • health: Last but, certainly not least, is our health. This time of year I think it is important to remind ourselves that we are one phone call away from falling to our knees. When the kids get on your nerves, or your mother calls at bedtime, or your husband forgets to pick up the milk, try to put things into perspective. Someone is celebrating Thanksgiving without their kid/mother/husband. Someone is grieving a loss, some are big, some are small.

Let's all be thankful more than one day in 2010.

8 random thoughts:

Shell said...

I totally agree about being thankful for health. We have 2 family members in the hospital right now: my cousin's newborn, having heart surgery today, and my boys' great-grandpa, fighting numerous illnesses.

I LOL'ed at your pb cup comment. :)

SparkleFarkle said...

Here's hoping Middle G is in the fast lane on the road to recovery!

Becca said...

That is great her fever is down! I bet that is such a relief. I hope she starts feeling better real soon.

I LOL at the peanut butter cups. That is so hilarious! Autumn loves them things so I didn't even get one! I ate up all the snickers to make up for it though.

The bubble bath being just as good as sex thing made me giggle too. On those really tough days they can be so much better than sex! HA!

The other night Autumn had a bad fever and I sat in the bathroom with her as she was taking a colder bath. I just started crying because I was thinking the same thing you just stated. It is all so sad!

Miss. Candy said...

Yes the bathtub, my favorite place in the world!!! Ooooo, I love peanut butter cups too!!!!

septembermom said...

I just raided my kids' trick or treat bags for some chocolate. I think I better get rid of this candy. I can't resist.

Hope Middle G feels better very soon. With the mask, she could join the cast of House or General Hospital!!

MaeRae said...

holy crow, I almost choked on my peanut butter cup reading that. Hope middle G is doing better soon. Pneumonia is one of the worse ones.

Dan said...

Good to hear Middle G is fairing well. Hopefully all will be recovered soon.

I have no good ideas about the Reese's problem - I just aimed the radoa the other way.

Jessica said...

Oh, the peanut butter cups! I just laughed out loud, disturbing my husband who is diligently working from home while I am doing my blog thing. And now I might have to get up and have one of the two left in my pantry... no matter what the local news might say about me soon!

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