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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday High Five - five reasons I'm addicted to Glee

Are you watching Glee? Are you as obsessed with this show as I am? I know it is cheesy and the actors hardly look like high school students, but I can't get enough of Glee.

Here's why:

~ Finn is so cute.

~Glee club director, Will, is even cuter.

~The music is awesome.

~Jane Lynch is the funniest, most under-rated actress currently working in Hollywood. I loved her on 2 1/2 men and in the movie 40 year old virgin. She is hilarious as the cheer leading coach on Glee.

~Very seldom does someone die. I'm so tired of dramas/comedies that feel the need to randomly kill off people. What ever happened to happy endings????


5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I havent seen it yet...but everyone is raving about it, im gonna have to check it out;)

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

I have only watched bit and pieces of it. DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST ME. Everyone is raving and I totally want to watch but I don't have one of those TV recorder thingys. But I will catch up one day to see what all the hype is about.

kys said...

Yes! I love it. Wasn't it good this week? I was so happy that it was back!

Becca said...

Everytime I turn around someone is tweeting, posting, or just simply talking about this show. I should have checked it out!!!

septembermom said...

I think I need to join the "Glee" group!! Looks like a fun place to hang out.

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