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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: my friend Rachel

Today is a shout out to my friend Rachel who is most likely going to kick my ass for posting this picture of her.

In my defense, I love this picture!

It is the one I have on my cell phone. Her sarcastically smiling face pops up on it every time she calls me.

She has three boys 8 and under. (Feel free to send Advil.)

She is a no nonsense, tell it like it is, kind of person and I enjoy being around her.

Her boys are silly and super cute. She makes me laugh with her stories about life, work and being a mom.

Her middle son and my son are in the same kindergarten class. I hope they are friends forever!

If I've had a bad day or just need to vent she is always willing to listen!

Who is in your inner circle of friends? Why not post a tribute to them?

Tuesday's Tribute

6 random thoughts:

hip chick said...

Friends are the family that we choose. It sounds like you have chosen a great one.

Jean said...

He he yes she will hate you for that picture. lol but I love it!

angie said...

Sounds like you know how to pick great friends. I like the picture a ton...shows so much personality.

Casey's trio said...

Great tribute! I hope Rachel appreciates your post too much to be angry about the picture. I think it's a great pic though! She looks like a FUN person:)

Janis said...

Awwww... Love it! She sounds like a lot of fun and a great friend.

Becca said...

She sounds like a great friend to have around! I think that is a super cute picture too!

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