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Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update: Trains, Hikes and baby showers and people in costume

This weekend was jammed packed with activity. We met up with hubby parents to ride a steam engine train. The kids were impressed, but kind of freaked out by how loud the whistle was.

Here's the gang in the car we rode in. It was nice to see them and it was about half the drive for them and half the drive for us. We met for lunch, which was sort of funny, because there weren't any "real" restaurants there. We ended up eating out of a teeny, tiny concession type stand no bigger than the bed of a pickup truck.

I had cheese fries. I will admit to you that I'm not about eat any type of meat out of the back of a truck.

Also on the train, was a large group of Amish. Apparently my middle daughter has never seen them this close up before, which is funny to me because we live in what is considered Amish Country.

She says, quite loudly, "Why are those people wearing costumes?"

I couldn't help but chuckle.

The kids and I and our friends went on a hike to find one of the letterboxes we were looking for for our library summer reading club.

It was hot and I was irritable. I wish I would have been more happy go lucky on the hike. Next time will be better.

Part of the hike, was around this pond scum covered pond. Sunning themselves on a log, turtles. I think the one is posing. What do you think?

There was a nature center at the park and we decided to check it out. My son and his friend found this African Elephant Tusk.

We also had a cookout with friends Saturday night and on Sunday oldest and I went to a baby shower.
I'm not sure if the mother-to-be liked my gifts. But here's hoping that she does.
Don't forget to enter my contest. I'll be choosing a winner on July 30th.

2 random thoughts:

Becca said...

Oh wow! Looks like you had a much better time this past weekend then during vaca! I bet riding in the steam train was pretty awesome! That is hilarious about your daughter and the Amish in costumes. We are visiting PA in August and I wonder if Autumn will even notice.

That pond is pretty disguisting with all of that scum! That is a huge turtle though. Also, I am sure the mother to be will love her gifts!

septembermom said...

The turtle photo is cool! A steam engine train ride must be memorable, especially with those whistles. Your kids are having a great summer!

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