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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Writer's Workshop: A letter to my 8-year old

Dear Middle G,
Are you really 8 years old today?  How can that be?  Wasn't I just very overdue and miserable and begging my doctor to induce me??
I'm finding that your age really sneaks up on me.  It's different with oldest and even with your baby brother.  Your age often sneaks up on me and I just don't know why.  Here you are already finished with 2nd grade and so excited about 3rd. 
Here are a few things I want you to remember as you approach double digits.

  • Girls can be mean.  I know this is hard to believe right now, but some of your friends may turn out to be your enemies.  Mean girls often turn into mean women and the circle continues.

  • Always be yourself.  Don't let anyone convince you that you shouldn't be the way you are.  You are perfect.

  • Be nice to your siblings.  Some day they may live far away from you and you will long to be near them.

  • Continue to smile like you are in the picture above.  It will make people wonder what you are up to.

  • Try to remember, when you are 15, that you used to love to hold my hand.
Happy Birthday, middle daughter.  May all your wishes come true.

Love, Mommy
This post inspired by mama kat's writer's workshop

5 random thoughts:

Dan said...

Your girls are more likely to remember that they used to love to hold your hand than my son is. Somewhere about 7 or 8 and the boy hand holding is over unless they are really and truly scared.

Being true to who you are is hard in the teenage years - keep reminding them. {*grin*}

septembermom said...

I want to share this one with my kids. So much wisdom and truth here:) Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Thanks for the well wishes today. Hope you feel better soon too!

Roxane said...

The last part really got me teary-eyed. It actually made me pick up the phone and call my mother (i'm at work and wont be home until she's asleep). stopping by from mama kat's

Becca said...

AWE :) I honestly began to tear up when I read the very last line! SO SWEET! I hope she had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of fun!

Enfys said...

As always, I so enjoy reading your blog. I have been a bad blogging bud this week between babies and rats, so have had a lovely catch-up. Have a lovely weekend
En xx

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