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Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update: A great birthday(s), more t-ball and surviving the family

Here's Middle G opening some gifts at her birthday party. Surprisingly we had great weather and a good turn out. Only two of the girls she invited were unable to make it and just my mom and stepdad were the only missing grandparents.
Do you think she is having fun?

Singing Happy Birthday and getting ready to blow out the candles. I'm impressed that I didn't forget them and actually remembered something to light them with.

Mid-air coming out of the little slide. How about that for an award winning picture. LOL We had a lot of fun and I think everyone who came did too. I'm glad the weather cooperated. Later that evening we had a cook-0ut with neighbors to celebrate their son's birthday.
Little G had more t-ball over the weekend. I was disappointed to learn that my dad and his wife prefered to stay in a hotel than at our house. Seems my kids get up too early for them. Then, because they got to sleep in (a fond memory for me) they had a late breakfast and weren't hungry enough to join us for lunch.
Does my dad know how to visit or what?
After we ate without them, they met us back at the house and we went to t-ball together. I was in the snack shack...oh joy....but managed to catch the last half of the game.
After the game we had a nice cookout and my dad and step-mom headed home.
What did you do this weekend?

3 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

The photo's are lovely, pity about your dad and stepmom though. Do you think they were trying to be perfect guests and give you space? No, maybe not. However, take comfort from the fact that it's a lesson learnt and something that you will NEVER do when your kids are grown.
Sending hugs
En xx

septembermom said...

Wonderful photos! Lots of fun for everyone. Those are the best kind of weekends!

Becca said...

Love all the photos! Looks and sounds like yall had a great weekend! I also adore her bathing suit and that cake!

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