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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tribute - Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Although I wasn't a regular reader or a follower of April's mom, I was appalled when I learn that she, Rebeccah Beushausen, fabricated her entire blog.

A blog about her unborn, sick child.

Who does that?

Do you just wake up one morning and say "Mmmmm what do I have to do today? Run to the post office, laundry and oh yeah, make up that blog about the fake baby."

Beushausen had followers like I have flies in my house. Apparently, her subject matter hit a nerve. She had millions of people praying for her yet all that prayer didn't invoke a guilty conscience. She just keep right on typing. For nearly two month she wove a tale about being an unmarried mother who chose to carry her child to term rather than have an abortion "because of her deep Christian faith".

Say what?

After her heart wrenching post about her home birth and subsequent death of her fake baby, Beushausen posted a picture of her holding the "baby", which was recognized as a life-like doll by one of her regular readers. Game over.

What remains is an apology to her many followers, many of whom she left speechless.

Tuesday's Tribute

4 random thoughts:

Becca said...

I was not a follower of her blog but had visited several times. It is really disguisting! I honestly hope that all those prayers said for her "baby" will actually work towards herself because she obviously needs them.

Mama Kat said...

I am with you sister! I read her blog and had it listed under my "bloggers needing prayer" blog list. My question is when was she going to stop? If no one called her out what was her next post going to be? What a joke.

angie said...

I never read her blog, but heard of this deception. Such a sad, sad, TWISTED thing.

Jean said...

This is awful. I have never heard of her or this disorder, but knowing how terrible it is, I can't imagine anyone pretending this on themselves or an infant, either real or imagined!
And I so do not buy her apology! I am glad I didn't read it or know about it before. Sick.

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