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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday High Five: five moments from the week

I'm playing along with Angie and you should be too. Here are five moments from this week that I would like to highlight.

  • ear pain should not be ignored. Seriously if you are reading this and your ear hurts, stop reading and go to the doctors.

  • The last day of school is still exciting. Even when you are the mama, the last day of school is still an event to remember.

  • Being sick sucks. My son and I have been passing a virus between us for awhile now and he is quite miserable.

  • If Little G doesn't sleep, no one sleeps. In relation to the above, my son is not sleeping and because of that, no one is sleeping.

  • Planning a birthday party causes me stress. Deep breath, the cake is made. Isn't it cute? The party is tomorrow. The good news: forecast is looking promising. Pray for healthy kids all around!

2 random thoughts:

Janis said...

That cake is adorable! I've never seen anything like that!

Dan said...

Nice cake! And stop passing that virus and get on with the hay fever and pollen and ....

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